Create a Mark for your Business with Category Design Creation

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | Create a Mark for your Business with Category Design CreationThe most successful companies today are not in that position just because they created something for selling. They are not creating good or services are performing better than their predecessors. This is because they perceived the market differently and create something different from other categories of products. This is what we call a new category design creation.

Yes, most new inventions fail in the 1st attempt that is for sure. But these entrepreneurs focused on two main elements:

  • Creating a remarkable product
  • Creating a brand (business model) based on the success of their product.

And this is the reason why they tasted success while most of the entrepreneurs and companies fail.

So, what exactly is category design creation?

Category design creation is a kind of business tactic that mainly prioritizes the creation of a new product category, which can be monopolized before the other competitors in the same area. The creation of a new niche that doesn’t have any competition can increase the chances of success by a very fair margin. The newly established brand is most likely to dominate that category is such cases.

When any company establishes itself in a new category of service of category, this will be called as a new category creation. This may be a set of related goods, services and which will be based upon the buyers’ perspective.

Why should companies consider creating category design creation?

There are several reasons why an entrepreneur must consider this idea. Some of them are;

1. Market development

If the association’s items are as of now in a scope of developing markets and natural development is very constrained, then diversification into another item classification may give development openings. This would, in general, be one of Apple’s main impetuses to move into advanced mobile phones, as they saw constrained potential for development in the world market.

2. Influence brand value

Many successful companies will have solid brand value, conceivably over a scope of brands, which may have collaboration with related item classes. For instance, a vehicle producer may begin fabricating trucks, transports, and/or bikes. Right now the purpose is to influence their notoriety and popularity across into different classifications.

3. Set up a market

A firm entering another item classification would have a decent understanding of the size of the market, its development potential, generally speaking, benefit and the qualities and shortcomings of its current rivals. Accordingly, it ought to contain no genuine shocks for them and they ought to have the option to create and execute a successful marketing procedure.


To achieve success, most companies take the help of category design creation. And this method has proven to be effective. Mcdonald’s introduced theme parks, Apple came into the smartphone market, Pepsi expanded the scope of beverages. The chances of creating a monopoly increases when you have less competition. So, budding entrepreneurs need to explore new markets and create new categories that will be liked by consumers.

How To Attract Your Target Customer

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Target Customer|How To Attract Your Target CustomerUltimately, the key to success in all industries is identifying your target customer and then taking steps to attract this group to your business. The target customer is the group of people that will benefit from the products and/or services that you use, and identifying this group will enable you to make key business decisions; but how can you go about attracting this group? This can be challenging, particularly in competitive industries, but there are a few highly effective strategies that will help your business to succeed, allow you to develop a positive reputation with this group, and compete with the top brands in your industry.

Determine The Target Customer And Their Needs

First, you need to make sure that you have a clear definition of your target customer. You then need to identify what the wants, needs, and priorities for this group are, which will then help you when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand. A few key questions to ask, which will help with this are as follows:

  • What problems does your company solve?
  • Which specific customers will benefit the most?
  • What is the age, gender, location, income, lifestyle, and attitude of this group?

It is then helpful to create a profile for your target market, so that you can picture this individual and keep them in mind whenever you make any kind of strategic decision.

Analyze The Competition

Your direct competitors will have the same target customer as you do, so it is a good idea to carefully analyze the competition in order to see what you can learn, and to take advantage of any gaps in the market. In addition to looking at what the most successful brands are doing well, do not forget to look at what the struggling brands are doing wrong—this can be just as insightful, and will help you to avoid making the same mistakes.

Create Engaging Content

In today’s internet-driven age, a brand needs to create content in addition to providing a high-quality product and/or service, as this is how you promote your brand, demonstrate your expertise, and engage with your target customer. The content must be of value to your target customer, stand out from the crowd, and use a variety of media. If you are in the health and fitness industry, for example, then you have a lot of good options, such as:

  • Workout videos
  • Nutritional infographics
  • “How-to” guides for specific exercises
  • Interviews with key figures
  • Live Q&A sessions on social media

Use Influencer Marketing

Following on from this, social media is a key platform for engaging your target customer, and one of the most effective strategies for this is using influencer marketing. This involves an influential figure in your industry promoting your products and/or services to their followers (your target customer), which is a highly effective way of reaching a much larger group and improving your brand reputation. The key to success with using this increasingly popular form of marketing is finding the right agency—you can do this by searching online, for example, by looking for the best influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles.

Host Events

It is vital that you take steps to engage your target customer online, but you must not overlook the value of also doing this offline, as this can be an excellent way of building real-life connections with this group. The best way to do this is by hosting events, which will help to create a sense of community with your target customer, while also portraying your brand is an authoritative figure in the industry. Using the above health and fitness example, you could host fitness classes, lectures, live screenings of sports, and anything else that will bring your target customers to your business.


Another smart step to take is to send out surveys to your target customer. This will help you to identify areas in which you could improve your brand in order to appeal directly to this group—as the saying goes, “the customer is always right.”

Improve Customer Service

No matter who your target customer is, you will need to make sure that you provide them with excellent customer service in order to retain customers and build a positive reputation. Keep in mind that people have different preferences when it comes to customer service, so you should have a range of options, including:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Live chat

Understanding exactly who your target customer is—and knowing how to reach this group—will be critical to success. Follow the above steps, and you should soon start to attract more people to your business, improve your reputation, and compete with the larger brands in your industry.

Marketing Trends You Should Keep an Eye on in 2020

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Marketing Trends|Marketing Trends You Should Keep an Eye on in 2020Marketing is one of the most dynamic fields in the world, and one that changes every day. New technologies are constantly allowing us to reach audiences in new ways. It also allows you to gauge and understand the impact of campaigns, and make adjustments on the fly.

Techniques like email marketing, content marketing, and search have been around for years now, but we are still seeing some innovation in how they are implemented. Let’s take a look at some of the marketing trends that will dominate 2020 and beyond.

Shoppable Post

Chances are there isn’t a single person in your entourage that is not using social media in some sort of way. It has reached virtually all classes and demographics, and has been used as a marketing tool pretty much since its inception. What is not as clear, however, is how many people actually do their shopping through social media platforms.

This represents a huge untapped potential, as 72% of all Instagram users have performed at least one transaction via the app. In one study, it was found that 70% of the Pinterest users surveyed used the platform to make purchasing decisions.

Platforms have been taking note, and are trying to make it as easy as possible for your audience to shop. This is why they’ve introduced shoppable posts that allow viewers to make purchases directly on posts. This allows you to shorten your sales funnel, and prevent leaks. These types of posts are expected to become the norm in the near future.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

While we were in an experimental stage with AR and VR, we are now starting to realize their potential and moving to concrete applications. Both technologies are becoming more common in marketing, and major retailers have already started using it as part of their strategy.

Ikea, for instance, has an augmented reality app that allows shoppers to visualize how a certain piece of furniture will look in a desired space. This could revolutionize the world of online retail, and change the way people shop forever.

Facebook is also betting on AR, and announced last year that it will make AR ads available to advertisers site-wide. According to Facebook’s VP of product marketing, Ty Amhad-Taylor, the goal is to move audiences from product discovery to purchases faster. “Shoppers are now expecting a visually inspired and personalized experience wherever they shop,” he said. “And this is either on their mobile devices and in stores.”

AR allows advertisers to bring both experiences closer together, and allows marketers to drive sales as well. These ads look like any regular Facebook ads, with the exception of the “tap to try” button. Shoppers will then be able to “try” the item in real time.

A More Demanding Job Marketplace

Marketing in 2020 requires students to have a more well-rounded set of skills than ever. While a solid marketing formation is a prerequisite, here are some of the skills that will be expected of marketing professionals:

  • Brand storytelling
  • Social media management
  • Data analytics
  • Serving progressive customers
  • Soft interpersonal skills

According to this piece by Emerson College Online, the marketers of tomorrow will still need to have solid interpersonal skills like listening and communication, even with all the recent advances in technology. Emerson College also puts a lot of importance on progressive audiences, and according to them, marketers who understand how to speak to an increasingly progressive and diverse audience will have a leg up on the competition.

Brand storytelling that is inclusive of all experiences will be needed, and major brands are already pushing towards more diversity in their campaigns.

But one area where marketers of tomorrow will need to be especially proficient in is data analytics. Companies don’t only need to compile data, but they must be able to actually analyze it, and use it to generate results. Data can be used to check if a marketing campaign was successful, and spot trends. Online marketing has the advantage of being easily quantifiable, and knowing how to use data can make a big difference on outcomes, money spent, and return on investment.

Interactive Content

Today’s shoppers are looking for variety and new experiences when they go online, and one of the ways this can be done is through interactive content.

As a matter of fact, a recent Content Preferences Survey found that 91% of responders are looking for more interactive and visual content. Here are some of the reasons interactive content is so powerful:

  • Interactive content is new and different, which allows it to stand out
  • It allows you to keep visitors on your pages
  • It’s immensely shareable
  • It can help build brand awareness
  • It is more engaging

For all of these reasons, we can expect more brands to use interactive content in the future. We can also expect to see more tools and techniques that will make the production and implementation of virtual content easier.


Personalization falls in line with interactive content, but focuses on providing highly relevant ads to customers. Shoppers have now become experts at phasing out adverts that have nothing to do with them or their interests, and this is one of the reasons why traditional advertising is losing some of its power. The only solution is to personalize ads as much as possible to build a connection.

In a study that was performed on 1000 people, 90% of them said that they viewed personalization as a positive. But more importantly, 80% of them said that they would be likely to buy if a company was able to offer a personalized experience.

What’s beautiful is that modern marketing methods, such as email marketing for instance, lend themselves very well to personalization. The rise of customer relationship management tools only makes it more powerful.

Lists can be precisely segmented and laser targeted to specific audience based on their prior purchase decisions, interactions, or the stage in the sales funnel. Used in conjunction with a cost-effective mass advertising tool such as email marketing, it allows businesses big and small to have the kind of reach that was only possible for major companies not too long ago.

Smart Bidding

People who are familiar with online marketing tend to also be familiar with automation. But new changes by Google are set to make automation and smart bidding the norm. Google Ads are now using machine learning to optimize your bids. This will allow you to:

  • Have more control over conversion action
  • Allow you to adjust bids automatically when sales stop or start
  • Optimize bids across multiple channels based on specific conversion actions
  • Maximize conversion
  • Avoid having to set a max CPC manually for each keyword

Old Methods Still Going Strong

While new online marketing methods are becoming increasingly popular, that doesn’t mean that old methods are becoming obsolete. Many of the tried and true techniques will still be going strong in 2020. Let’s look at some examples.

Content Marketing

Content will continue to be king in 2020, and continues to be one of the most effective ways to build a brand. Few methods allow you to establish your expertise and authority like quality content does. Content will also continue to drive search results, and play a central role in SEO efforts.

Video Marketing

Another method that isn’t going anywhere is video content. While interactive content will be getting a lot of attention, there is still a large need for traditional video content as well. Video content is not only being used to target customers, but is now being used as a recruitment tool as well.

Marketers who know how to use live video to their advantage will have a serious edge over their competitors. As a matter of fact, it was found that live videos on Instagram Live and Facebook Live were able to retain audiences at 3 times the rate of traditional videos. The average watch time on Facebook live content has quadrupled over the last year as well. People also interact with these videos a lot more. It was estimated that these videos produced 6 times as many interactions as regular videos.

SERP Position Zero

SEO is still going strong, but now, the objective is different. While the goal for many is still to get on the first page, many are trying to go a step beyond and get snippet mentions. These snippets offer additional information related to search queries, and feature a link to the page from which the information was pulled.
Local search will also continue to play an increasingly important role for businesses in 2020. This also means that business will do everything in their power to get more local mentions, and also work on improving their brand’s image with the public. This means more emphasis on reputation management, and concrete steps to improve their customers’ experience, which is great news for shoppers everywhere.

These are only some of the trends you should watch for in the world of marketing in 2020. Make sure that you’re always on top of the most recent changes, and find ways to incorporate them in your marketing strategy.

Five Reasons Advertising Is So Important

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Advertising Your Business|Five Reasons Advertising Is So ImportantIt doesn’t matter what type of business you have, you need to advertise. If you want people to know about your business, you need to tell them all about it. Advertising is the way to do it and there are so many different avenues which you can go down to show your business off to the world.

The best thing about advertising is that it doesn’t have to cost you too much money. Email marketing is free. Facebook is free. Outreach on Instagram and Twitter? You’ve got it, FREE! Sure, there are plenty of ways to enhance all of these freebies. For example, Facebook is free to advertise, but if you want to target the right audience, you need to write a check. The additional services for all these advertising lines do cost, but it’s so worth it.

The thing is, if you’re not utilizing these free services, you’re going to crumble, and if you want to stay upright, you need to pay a little to ensure that you are offering the right audience the right service at the right time.

You need to focus your advertising on the right clients while creating the correct awareness for your content. This means the right call to actions, the right lead measurement and aim to convert your visitors. Advertising is just the beginning. You need to know the best places to advertise, from the freebies online to websites like You have to think about the five reasons advertising is so important, and we have those reasons listed for you below:

  1. When it comes to the advertising of your business, it’s the only thing that you can control. The impression that people get of you online is so important and if you want your message to get to the right places, advertising is where you start.
  2. With advertising, you are able to hone your products to the right audience. You can target the exact audience you want to target, allowing you to have a greater connection and get the right products in front of the right people. This is so important!
  3. If you want to be able to build the right level of awareness for your content, advertising is where to start. Everything that relates to content is educational these days, from the blog posts and vlogs you do to the ebooks you may write about your niche.
  4. If you want to have a credible business, you need to advertise. If you are running campaigns, people sit up and take notice and if they’re doing that, you’ll find it so much easier to gain attention!
  5. Every single time you advertise your business, you are making what you do look good. You can create better awareness for your content, which makes your business stand out in the most positive way.

If you want your business to gain the right level of respect, you need to focus on your advertising techniques and start making your campaigns stand out for the right reasons!