Mobile Forms and Their Positive Impact on Modern Business

It is impossible not to agree that mobile technology is a tidal wave of progress in modern business. Mobile is everywhere: in the way we communicate, manage any process, and work with data. The last point is the most important nowadays, because it is a huge innovation of the last years, which is essential for any field. Businesses today often have an increasing need to enable workers at the jobsite to collect data while outside of the office. Mobile forms have become a real revolutionary solution for that. Let’s figure out what other benefits modern specialists can get from mobile forms.

Convenience and mobility

The first obvious advantage of mobile forms is their ease and convenience of use in any location. Such fields as construction management, vehicle and fleet maintenance, warehousing and more have a lot of fieldwork related to data. It is not always possible to manually fill out paper documents or make some writings. Thus, there are errors, inaccuracies or untimely data. Mobile forms eliminate this, allow specialists to instantly and easily fill out pre-made forms in a few clicks.

Cut costs on paperwork

Companies spend $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document, and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document. 15% of organization’s revenue is spent on creating, managing and distributing documents (Coopers & Lybrand study). Mobile forms allow reducing costs on paperwork. Modern mobile solutions cover not just data collection, but its processing and creation of complete reports on-the-go. Special mobile form apps are able to become a real pocket office, freeing businesses from extra costs to maintain file cabinets.

Accuracy and timeliness

Mobile forms bridge the gap between job site and office, cutting the time of data delivery. Necessary information can be instantly captured, processed and sent via email or other services right from the field. This contributes timely decision making and solving issues. In the end, such clear organization and timeliness have a positive effect to the whole business, eliminating delays and extra time in a workflow.

Optimized and safe storage

Storage of data is another problem of companies which still prefer paperwork. According to Capita (Document and information services), overall 61% of facilities managers believe they are still too reliant on paper-based systems. Just imagine the disastrous consequences of loss or damage of paper-based records. Mobile forms provide convenient and safe storage of data in the cloud, which is available 24/7 at a mobile device. It also helps a company to protect itself in case of any litigations.

Nowadays businesses can digitize any forms: daily logs, inspection forms, audits, estimation forms, invoices, etc. It’s time to make a step to the digital future and let mobile technology work for you.

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Snappii is a leading provider of mobile business apps, which are used by about 500,000 people in 30+ industries around the world. Moreover, Snappii offers no code PDF Form Converter to transform existing paper forms to Mobile Form Apps.

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How Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare

When you walk into a clinic or a hospital, all you are seeing is what makes up that treatment facility on that day. Perhaps, you consider that the doctor has studied medicine to give you the right diagnosis and cure. However, that is a snapshot in time of a part of society that is always changing.

From the very beginning of the industry in history, healthcare and those that perform it have been constantly adapting to their times and learning from what they see. So, when you go into a healthcare provider, you are not getting the treatment of a person but the practice built over thousands of years of change and growth. Now, we are at a time of great technological growth in our society, so it should not surprise us that healthcare would be adapting with it.

What is Telemedicine

With the advent and application of computers and technological equipment with the ability to transfer scans and access records, it was only a matter of time before the industry would find a way to marry the two, which happens in the practice of telemedicine. Telemedicine is using digital devices to be able to diagnose and treat patients that are not in their office or provide that care with information from afar. Further, includes specialized equipment that allows doctors to receive accurate health information locally or dispense the medicine that is required to those in other parts of the world.

Why Telemedicine Will Change the Healthcare Industry

As Telemedicine continues to evolve, it will provide new ways for medical professionals to provide solutions their customers need, as well as providing means of connecting skilled medical professionals. As such, this will not replace the healthcare industry that exists, but it will empower those existing communities to be more effective in their treatments.

How Will Telehealth Develop in the Future

However, telemedicine does not have to be limited to simply the individual treatment of a patient’s condition. As telehealth continues to expand, the software that has developed with it has proven to be an effective and networked solution to patient scheduling, feedback, monitoring and more. Further, the systems provide a means for delivering the right medications to the patients in a secure and timely manner. Globalmed has become an industry foundation for many in the telehealth industry, providing all of these solutions and more.


Human lives have changed with the times, and medicine is changing with it. By the effective application of technology to the treatment of those lives, healthcare is proving its reputation for always being ready to respond to the needs of the patients that come to them.

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Tips For Running A More Efficient Business

StrategyDriven Tactical Execution ArticleThe less time and energy you waste on a daily basis, the more smoothly your business will run and the more you’ll get done. Run a more efficient business when you pay attention to a few aspects in particular and are proactive about making changes to how you’re currently functioning.

You’ll thank yourself down the road for the hard work you put in now to increase productivity and create a better working environment. You’ll likely be able to retain staff for a longer period of time and satisfy your clients more when you focus on this very important part of running a business.

Identify the Gaps & What Isn’t Working

You can’t improve your company if you’re unsure of what is and isn’t working as it currently stands. Take time to identify the gaps and pinpoint exactly what needs tweaking and where you’re falling short. For example, it could be that you don’t offer proper training for your employees or customers are complaining about the service and support you’re providing. Run a more efficient business when you can tackle critical initiatives and do a better job delivering on your promise.

Learn How to Delegate

It can be difficult to want to give up the control when you’re a business owner, but it’s necessary if you want to grow and develop over the years. You have to learn how to delegate and remove some responsibilities off your plate if you want to have time to focus on your business objectives. For instance, hire a company such as Tax Return to step in and take care of your taxes when the time rolls around for completing this task. Also, hire an assistant who you can count on to take care of items on your to-do list that take up a lot of time.

Define Roles & Responsibilities

When your staff is confused about what they should be doing at work each day your business will suffer. Run a more efficient business by clearly defining and communicating specific roles and responsibilities that each person is in charge of handling. Create teams and departments and assign leaders and managers to help you keep track of various projects and make sure you’re always hitting your deadlines.

Take Advantage of Technology

Refusing to get onboard with technology is only hindering your company progress and keeping you from reaching your full potential. Take advantage of the recent advancements in technology to help you bring your assignments online so you can file share and work remotely. Also, use it to allow you to test out new products and services and innovate, so you’re able to keep up with and even surpass your competition.


Efficiency matters a great deal when it comes to running a better business. Use these suggestions as a starting point for how you can get more done each day and keep your employees and clients happy. It’s a challenge you can overcome if you stay focused and are willing to adopt new habits for how you work.

Why You Should Consider SharePoint as a Business Technology Solution, part 2

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In the part 1 of this topic, the likes of communication, organization and information was discussed as some of the reasons every business owner should consider using SharePoint. In this article, the focus will be on the pros of using SharePoint as a business technology solution.

Four Advantages of SharePoint

Experts at say that SharePoint reduces costs by consolidating intranet, extranet and internet sites in a single platform – either internally or through the use of Cloud technology. Training costs can be reduced by using SharePoint to deliver training materials to teams, customers and partners via a password-protected website, accessible from anywhere. Resources, time and effort are saved with SharePoint’s collaboration and productivity capabilities, which allow companies to focus more on higher business priorities.

Useful SharePoint Tools

Often, the reason why companies are reluctant to switch to SharePoint is because they don’t imagine how they can apply it to their business to provide tangible benefits. While there are many tools associated with SharePoint, the following generally feature the most easy to understand applications for business operations:

CRM Tools

With SharePoint, companies can more easily implement a strategy to manage their company’s interactions with customers, distributors and sales prospects. The CRM tools provided by SharePoint can help with marketing efforts, customer service and even technical challenges. CRM data can be shared with customers, partners and distributors, allowing them to send requests, track status and view information. Content management features can be extended to your customers and you can create secure central documents that they can both view and edit.


A SharePoint calendar will keep users abreast of events, meetings, deadlines, milestones, and other important dates to remember. Users remain focused and teams are more consistent when everyone is aware of notable calendar events. Customers can also stay abreast of company or product events via e-mail updates. You can even overlay a SharePoint calendar with Outlook calendars (or other SharePoint calendars) so you can filter events or view them simultaneously.

Workflow Solution

Regardless of their size or scope, all companies have workflows that dictate an activity pattern, enabled by the systematic organisation of resources, defined roles and flow of information in a tangible process that can be documented and learnt. Using SharePoint, the workflow is defined as the automated movement of documents or items via a sequence of actions or activities, related to a business process. When applying SharePoint business logic, you can attach workflows to instructions that specify and control the actions that occur in any given document or article. Subsequently, this can simplify the costs and time needed to coordinate common business processes.

Dashboard Instruments

SharePoint lets you create a project panel to help users synchronise and perform tasks. You can view and filter elements such as project details, project documents, project activities, project problems, project calendars, project milestones, lessons learnt from the project, the risks of project, and project modification orders, amongst others. Effective use of the dashboard can help you monitor business metrics, analyse the causes of any problems and improve business intelligence to aid decision making. You can customise the SharePoint panel so that essential tools for managing content and users are readily available.

Is Sharepoint Adequate For Your Business?

There are valid business reasons to use SharePoint, but it’s up to each entrepreneur to carefully analyse their business credentials and calculate the actual cost of ownership. In general, if effectively implemented, SharePoint should reduce costs, save resources and ensure accuracy, whilst delivering tangible benefits for the business, including improved productivity, better decision-making and greater innovation.