We can assist you in the effectiveness assessment and improvement of existing internal program and project management plans, oversight of contractor projects, and implementation of a program / project management office. For capital construction and other major projects, we can analyze program / project risk models and evaluate contracting method and management effectiveness to ensure strategic benefit realization and delivery timelines. Contact us to learn more.

Case Study

A StrategyDriven Advisor spearheaded the planning, execution, and on-time delivery of a 12-month, $325 million large-scale, integrated nuclear maintenance and modernization project employing 1800+ personnel across multiple work specialties and organizations. Implemented robust operational risk mitigation, technical management, metrics analysis, and project management tools.

Engagement Approach
Our advisor worked with station managers at all levels to actively manage daily work schedules and resources, improve meeting and operational efficiencies, oversee contractor commitments and acceptance criteria, and ensure efficient integration of work through the use of Project Management and Lean Six Sigma analysis. Assisted in the definition, interpretation, and analysis of key performance metrics.

Value Delivered
Achieved a safe, on-time return to service of two nuclear plants and supporting equipment within original cost estimates. Provided for sustainable first-time work safety and quality improvements through standardization and documentation of streamlined outage work management processes.

The StrategyDriven Difference

Decades of nuclear experience in operations and maintenance execution and planning, identification and utilization of the most efficient and applicable plant metrics, and analysis and enhancement of existing processes using Lean Six Sigma practices.