StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 37 – An Interview with Ann Marie Sabath, author of Business Etiquette

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Special Edition 37 – An Interview with Ann Marie Sabath, author of Business Etiquette explores the often unwritten and unspoken rules of behavior for the business world that when applied differentiate business professionals from businesspeople; setting them apart and helping them climb the corporate ladder. During our discussion, Ann Marie Sabath, author of Business Etiquette: 101 Ways to Conduct Business with Charm and Savvy and President of At Ease, shares with us her insights and illustrative examples regarding:

  • the default rules of etiquette for unfamiliar situations and those for which there are no rules
  • impact of increasing workplace diversity on business etiquette protocols and the importance of the Platinum Rule
  • resolving conflicts between etiquette and efficiency
  • rules of email and Blackberry® etiquette
  • handling situations in which you will be late (e.g., a meeting or task)
  • dealing with unfamiliar acronyms and technical terms during conversations in business and social settings

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In addition to the invaluable insights Ann Marie shares in Business Etiquette and this special edition podcast are the resources accessible from her websites, and   Ann Marie’s book, Business Etiquette, can be purchased by clicking here.

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About the Author

Ann Marie Sabath, author of Business Etiquette, is President of At Ease, a nationally recognized protocol and etiquette firm. She has trained more than 90,000 individuals at companies such as Fidelity Investments,, Deloitte & Touche, and Marriott International. The first and second editions of Business Etiquette have been recognized by the Oprah Winfrey Show, The New York Times, and Entrepreneur magazine. To read Ann Marie’s complete biography, click here.

Are you a Business Person or Business Professional?

You have expended a lot of time and money to earn your degree. You are representing a well-respected firm who is interested in developing your talents. You are putting in long hours and earning a great salary in return.

To be successful in business today, however, you must have more than a JD and a reputable organization behind your name. Climbing that slippery ladder of success means being thoughtful and engaging with those around you. In fact, the attention you pay to detail is the main ingredient that differentiates you from evolving from a business person to a business professional.

Where are you in your evolution from business person to business professional? Picture yourself in the following 17 situations to find out:

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About the Author

Ann Marie Sabath is the founder of At Ease Inc., the 23-year old business protocol and development Cincinnati training firm. Her Strategies for Gaining That Competitive Edge in Today’s Workplace and other business development programs is a regular part of many organization’s Business Development programs. Sabath also is the author of eight books on domestic and international etiquette. Her newest release, Business Etiquette: 101 Ways to Conduct Business with Charm and Savvy [Third Edition] was published by Career Press (, and hit bookstores in March 2010.

Do you have an etiquette question? E-mail it to Sabath at [email protected] or call her at 212-956-1807.