You May Be Annoying Your Customers, And Not Even Know It

We all want our customers to like our business. Actually, forget that: it’s better to say that we NEED our customers to like our business. Studies have consistently shown people are more likely to spend money with companies that they, well, like. It sounds simple, and to a degree it is, but it’s also true that some businesses are turning their customers off, and they don’t even realise it. Below, we take a look at a few common issues that customers take exception to, and what you can do to change it.

You’re Not Polite

It’s easy to be all smiles when you just get your business up and running. But after a while, when business is steady, you can begin to take your customers for granted, and when that happens, your customer service standards can begin to drop. There’s no great trick to this: it simply comes down to treating your customers for what they are, humans. You should endeavor to make your customers feel like a friend and to show that you hold their business in high esteem. If you can begin to see them just as a number, then they’ll soon find a new company.

Your Website is a Mess

If you’re mostly operating online, then you might want to check that you’re not guilty of committing one of the cardinal website sins. It’ll depend on who you’re trying to target, but remember that there are large pockets of internet users that object to invasive pop-ups, overly aggressive marketing, and autoplay videos. All of these things might help to drive traffic to your website, but that’s not your end game – you’re trying to bring them on board as customers, not just spend a few minutes on your site. Take a look at your site: if it didn’t belong to you, would you like it?

You Don’t Have Any Values

It’s no longer enough to be in the money-making game. Customers are increasingly conscious of spending their money with companies that hold progressive values, and ones that care about more than just their bottom line. To check that your business practices – and supply chain – would get the approval of public opinion, considering conducting an ethical audit. It’ll make sure that all aspects of your business are in line with your branding. Nothing will undo a company’s hard work quite like a poor ethical standing.

Overpromise, Underdeliver

It’s understandable that you want to create the best possible image of your company. After all, it’s competitive out there, and you need customers to go with you. However, you need to ensure that you can deliver what you promise. It’s much better to over deliver on your promises than the opposite. If you’re talking a big game, make sure you can back it up.

Shady Practices

Finally, remember that people like honesty. If you’re cutting corners, not respecting email opt-out requests, and the like, then you’ll lose all credibility in the eyes of your customers. And what’s that’s gone, it’s impossible to get it back.

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