Top 5 Industries That Are Changing Due To AR

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship ArticleAugmented reality (AR) is on the crest of a wave these days. If you haven’t heard about it yet there are only two possibilities: you either have lived under a rock for the past two years or you are simply not interested in the latest tech trends (AT ALL). More and more industries and people are incredibly excited that their science fiction dreams born from iconic movies are finally becoming reality. That I can tell you!

But how is society going to change once we manage to implement augmented reality in every aspect of our lives? How is this going to impact our way of living? To one’s mind, used wisely, this new technology can certainly help us improve and ease the way we learn, work and even have fun. Here are five industries that are definitely changing due to AR.

1. Education

It’s no secret that children love technology. Some of them use a smartphone before learning how to speak or walk and that points out something rather important about our relationship with technology.

Probably the best example in this particular case is Mondly, the app that allows users to learn languages in augmented reality. Just imagine how cool can it be to have your own virtual teacher that brings animals and other objects to life in your living room. Learning that “elephant” is “elefante” in Spanish because an actual size elephant is roaming around in my house!? Yes, sir! I’d very much like that!

2. Healthcare

Healthcare is definitely the first industry we should try to perfect when a new kind of technology emerges. It’s needless to say that we have come a long way since early centuries when doctors would experiment on human beings to discover new cures and procedures, but this is just the beginning.

Augmented reality, the newest and coolest kid in the yard, now allows doctors and nurses to locate patients’ veins more accurately for injections. Other AR apps on the market let physicians show their exact plans for surgeries or visualize detailed bone structures and organ systems. How awesome is that?

3. Architecture and construction

At this the point you can’t be surprised anymore. Yes, AR will also influence the way we build our houses! The market already offers a lot of apps that help constructors visualize and interact with architectural three-dimensional models. Based on the same principle as the language learning app mentioned in the first bullet point, these apps allow users to superimpose virtual buildings, models or projects wherever they want in their environment.

Material selection, real-time shadow analysis, structural layers observation and scaling are also sci-fi features possible with just a simple touch and scroll.

4. Marketing and sales

This one is downright inevitable. When given the chance, brands will use new tech to increase brand awareness, loyalty and, unavoidably, sales! Sales could go through the roof with the right strategy.

Ikea and Amazon give the best example yet. Using augmented reality, these two giants give customers the possibility to visualize exactly how a product would look in their home. This new feature eliminates the drudgery of buying a sofa and discovering it simply doesn’t fit in your living room. At the same time, it increases the quality of your daydreaming by showing how that home cinema you’ve always wanted looks like in your bedroom.

5. Gaming

Saved the obvious for the last. The gaming industry always keeps up with tech trends and integrating AR in the game is no surprise! People chased pokémons in augmented reality before it was this cool.

Nowadays however, gamers can bring small battlefields into their living rooms, look for portals around the city (if they don’t like chasing pokémons anymore), destroy strongholds or investigate crime scenes at home – nothing too special (yet) if you take in consideration the examples from the other four industries mentioned above. Nevertheless, there is one example that might get you super excited. Ready? How does “exploring the wizarding world of Harry Potter” sound? In AR! Because apparently someone is working to release this bad boy. Can’t wait!

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