StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Entrepreneurship| Have You Got What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Have You Got What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Entrepreneurship| Have You Got What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?If you are starting a new venture, you are entering the heady world of entrepreneurship. Your focus will be on your business’s bottom line, and how you can exploit your chosen market to make it as healthy, buoyant and sustainable as possible.

Being a successful entrepreneur is more than being good with figures, it requires you to sometimes dig deep and challenge the status quo. Here are some key traits that successful entrepreneurs share, have you personally got what it takes?


This is perhaps the most influential trait of successful entrepreneurs. They live and breathe by their business’s mission statement to provide the products and services that they know the public need. Their success is built on their passion; they love what they do, and their passion is contagious, inspiring and motivating.

Work Ethic

Successful entrepreneurs are the people who have an exceptional work ethic. They are the first ones in the office and the last ones to leave. Even when they are out of the office, and having free time, they will be thinking about how to benefit their business venture, whether expanding their knowledge through research or mentally refining strategies to boost their business – the business is always at the forefront of their mind.


During the lifecycle of every business, there will be decisions that paid off, and less fruitful ones. Successful entrepreneurs are not deflated by, what some would consider, failures. Rather they see challenges as a learning opportunity so that the next time the obstacle occurs, they can get over it and conquer.


Successful entrepreneurs are prepared to take risks where other people may falter. They don’t take the safe and well-worn path. They’ll be the ones that bet on the outsider team rather than the safety of fixed odds sports betting but succeed because they know the market and the risks that they have taken are calculated and not reckless.

People skills

Excellent communication skills are a pre-requisite for the successful entrepreneur. They need to be able to sell their products or services to a target audience who are also in the sights of their competition. Consumers often base their purchasing decisions on the personality of the business that they are dealing with; the products and pricing may be similar to those of competitors.

However, strong people skills are not only important for attracting customers and clients, entrepreneurs also need to be able to surround themselves with a team who share their vision. This means that they need to be able to recruit the right people to drive their business forward and grow.

If you are embarking on the entrepreneurial journey or have already started a venture but have not yet achieved the success that you expected, think about whether you share any of these traits. People often say that entrepreneurs are born and not made, but that is not necessarily true. You have an opportunity to finely tune your character so that you too can adopt these traits so that you can make your business thrive. Good luck!

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