5 Tips for Creating Effective Flyers for Your Business

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Think print marketing is outdated? Think again.

A survey by FedEx confirms that you can stand out from your competitors with print marketing. They found four out of five businesses used professional printing services to excel over the competition.

What’s an effective print medium for your marketing efforts? Flyers are easy to create, they’re inexpensive, and you can get your message across. You can easily use flyers as mailers and you can distribute flyers to customers.

But if you don’t have a graphic designer on hand, designing a flyer can be tricky.

Here are 5 tips for creating effective flyers the first time around.

1. Make Sure Your Content Is Digestible

You can easily separate content into two categories: written and visual.

While visuals are compelling, they can easily clutter your flyer. In addition, too much text makes your flyer look uninteresting. Divide these content types into sections so your flyer is uniform, interesting, and informative.

For example, use small text snippets instead of large paragraphs. Have plenty of white space between visuals.

2. Tailor Your Content to Flyer Size

You don’t want to create content that’s over the flyer limit. Using images that are too big or too much text will make the flyer look messy. In addition, you shouldn’t try and squeeze as much text and visuals into the flyer size.

Work with the flyer size and only use the amount of content that will fit.

3. The Headline Is What Matters

The main aspect that will attract users to your flyers is the headline. Make sure the text is large and in the centre. Create a catchy hook that will entice the user.

For example, if you’re hosting a sale, the headline can read “huge sale this weekend” or even something catchy such as “sail into sales!”

4. Combine Digital Marketing Trends

Who said print and digital have to be separate? You can take what’s trending in the digital world and apply it to your flyers. This makes your flyers look more modern and relatable to the younger generation.

For example, infographics are a huge digital marketing trend. Create an infographic but use it on your flyer.

Other examples include memes and social media snippets.

5. Use Flyer Maker

Now that you know all of these great design tips, here’s the million dollar question — how do you actually create that flyer?
While you can use a graphic design program, amateurs will benefit from flyer creators. You can make a flyer easily and customize the flyer to fit your brand and your message.

Effective Flyers Will Bring Your Business Success

There are many ways to market your business and print marketing is still successful. Customers will receive mailers and you can distribute your flyers to customers.

But you need to ensure your marketing materials are high-quality. If you want to design flyers, these tips will ensure you design effective flyers.

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