Top Strategies to Improve Your Office Space’s Function and Appeal

Office spaces are a delicate balance to get right. Unless you have the budget to custom build your office, or renovate a property to fit your specifications, you typically have to accept and work with what you have and what is nearby. If the only office space near you also happens to be run down, it’s up to you to spruce it up so that your employees can enjoy working there, and your clients can feel assured of your professional and exceptional quality. That is why, when you move into a less-than-ideal office space, you should use these strategies to improve its function and appeal:

1.    Easy Fixes Before You Move In

Ideally, these fixes will be paid for or reimbursed by the owners of the property from whom you are renting. If not, it could still be worthwhile to make these fixes yourself. For instance, replacing rotting or broken ceiling panels, or even adding a linoleum cover on top of broken tiles in the reception area. The specific fixes that you need to make your place look great will depend on the current state of the office. It is always worthwhile to repaint the walls if they are damaged or outdated. Also consider updating the flooring, to help keep the reception and workspaces looking clean and orderly.

2.    Add Storage

The next step before you move in is to add custom storage. This way you have all the space you need, without having awkwardly placed filing cabinets or bulky plastic shelves to accommodate them. Get your custom closet design installed by 180 Closet Design, and be wowed by the professionalism of your office, and, more importantly, how everything has its place. It is the best way to have room to expand your business, rather than be overrun by your paperwork and supplies.

3.    Furniture Fixes

If the chairs aren’t comfortable, or for any other reason the furniture provided isn’t up to standard (or furniture wasn’t provided at all) you have options to fit your budget. You could buy new, or you could shop around and see what used furniture other companies are selling. You may find some amazingly high-quality items for a fraction of the cost.

Furnishing an employee break room can be very affordable, Because customers and clients won’t see this space, you can find low cost, comfortable furniture rather than shelling out for decorative name-brand pieces.

4.    Small Decorations for Employee Happiness

If you want your employees to be more productive, you need to ensure that they are happy while working. One of the best ways to do this is to improve their environment. For instance, adding plant life can enhance air quality and add some much-needed color, and adding simple decorative pieces can help improve the look of the space.

Decorating your office so that it is clean, professional, and functions the way you want it to is crucial. These tips will ensure that not only do you have the space to expand your business, you also have a nice and welcoming environment for your employees and clients.

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