Key Panel Discussion Topics For The Manufacturing Industry

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A manufacturing panel discussion can be an excellent way to get a more in-depth insight into this ever-changing industry and identify the current trends which will shape the future. Bringing together experts and industry-leading manufacturing companies for a panel discussion could prove to be highly valuable and exciting for the industry and provide a platform for a number of key topics and issues to be addressed. As an industry that is constantly changing due to technology, economics, environmental issues, and innovation, there are many big topics to get stuck into, so here are a few areas that you should look to put forward when addressing panelists.

What Is The Industry Doing To Reduce Impact?

The biggest issue that the manufacturing industry is facing right now is its environmental impact. Many industries are guilty of not being eco-friendly enough, but it is often manufacturing that is singled out, and it is easy to see why. Putting forward this topic should open up an interesting discussion on ways in which manufacturing companies can reduce their impact and the importance of making positive changes sooner rather than later.

New Technologies

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and manufacturing is one industry which has benefited greatly from this. It is a good idea to have panelists discussing the current types of technology that are being used along with what they think the future will look like.

People & Machines

This should lead nicely into the topic of people and machines because this is an industry that is increasingly using machines for automation and machine learning. This can bring many benefits, and it is easy to see why so many manufacturers are turning to these technologies, but this can create problems when it comes to job losses. This is a big topic of discussion but one which should underline that it is possible for people and machines to work together in manufacturing.

Best Industry Equipment

In addition to technology, it is also a good idea to discuss what equipment is currently being used in manufacturing and how this can help a company to succeed. As an example, specialists like supply manufacturing companies with tailor-made conveyors for their specific setups, which can help a company to streamline and improve their output.


Cybersecurity is the biggest threat to modern-day businesses and one which could be devastating to the manufacturing industry as it relies so much on technology and data. Therefore, discussing the threat of cybersecurity and asking what manufacturing companies are doing to protect themselves and their customer data should provide an interesting and important discussion on what should be done to continue to the fight against cybercrime.

These should all make for an interesting discussion on the main topics currently surrounding the manufacturing industry. This is one of the most interesting sectors because it is always changing, and there are many issues and controversies which make for the perfect panel discussion and one which should get the audience engaged.

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