Why Business Owners Should Detatch From Banks

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article |Detach from Banks|Why Business Owners Should Detatch From BanksAs a business owner, working with your bank to fund, run and grow your business seems like it’s natural right? Well, it is, and it isn’t. Many people believe that entrepreneurism is all about private ventures, that don’t necessarily involve a bank. It can involve investors, the public in the form of an IPO, or even, family members that are backing you. But why not a bank? Well, banks are inherently linked to the Federal government, so one way or another, big brother has their hand in your pocket. Whether you are taking a loan or credit card from your bank to pay for things in your business, you should reconsider this approach.

Business loan vs investment

A business loan is quick and easy. But, it always comes with strings attached. But so does investment money. So what’s the difference? Well, with a business loan that a bank or lender provides, you can rarely ever negotiate the terms. It’s usually on a take it or leaves it basis. The upside is, that you get to have the money in your account in just a few hours. However, with investor’s money, you can set some of the rules. An investor may want a piece of the company, you can negotiate how much of it you can give away and what kind of creative control you will retain. You can also commission growth reports that can stagger or step the amount of investment put into the business in accordance with success, and how much the investor is to receive in profits from the same correlation.

Banks can pull the plug

Bank loans are usually entirely in the favor of the financial institution. This means you are kind of at the mercy of a bank that is also at the mercy of the government. Essentially, the buck doesn’t stop with the bank, so they feel they can abuse their relationship with you. Take a look and read any business loan contract, and you will find clauses that allow the bank to pull the plug and ask for early payments that were not in the initial structure or payment. The Debt to Success System reviews banking scam, and in an orderly manner lays out how the banks have gone to a debt-based ‘growth’ system. As global debt mounts up, banks will be more inclined to pinch their purse strings and that in turn means, being more aggressive in their actions towards business loan recipients. DSS can also help you overcome your debts, with their unique debt discharge system that banks and governments don’t want you to know about.

YOU are the investment

Rather than going to the bank for a loan, they should want to invest in YOUR business. Banks go to corporations like Tesla, Apple, Mercedes and Microsoft, not the other way around. But how could you become like them? You need to show consistent profits and a brand that has the potential to spread like wildfire. Banks will be flocking to you to invest and you’ll be contacted by their investment firms.

Banks are not the savior of any business. They do provide some financial services that are useful, but before you turn to them, exhaust all your other options first.

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