Feedback For Staff Is Essential, Now More Than Ever

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Feedback for Staff|Feedback For Staff Is Essential, Now More Than EverAmong all the challenges that work from home poses, the challenge of having a feedback call when employees and managers work from home should be noted. The big question is how to have a zoom feedback conversation with an employee who is at home, when the manager who delivers the feedback is also at home. Despite the difficulties and challenges, it is important to be careful about the feedback, for several reasons: First, performance testing has a significant impact on employee motivation. Do they need additional training or should they use their own initiative to look at something such as Kallibr for the future.

Employees who receive serious feedback about the tasks they have performed, thereby receiving a message from the organization, that the organization sees what they have contributed to the company and is aware of their contribution. At the same time, regarding tasks whose performance was lower than required, they can get assistance from the direct manager and even from the staff regarding improving the performance of these tasks in the future. Studies conducted in the United States show that the chance of workers receiving constructive feedback to invest more in work is 2.9 times higher than in the past. If so, what is the feedback: This is an employee performance review, which is the official evaluation of employee performance. Here are some questions managers may ask during a performance review:

  1. What the employee thinks he can do to help their own career and company.
  2. Which tasks in the opinion of the employee, they performed excellently, which were in a good, mediocre manner and which tasks did not meet the objectives, and how they plan to improve in the future.
  3. The employee should be asked to perform a self-assessment, identify what his or her main contributions to the company were, and where he or she identifies opportunities to improve performance.
  4. At the end of the survey, a discussion should be held on the employee’s performance, and it should be examined how they were in relation to the requirements and objectives.

Feedback is good for all areas of business

Existence of a feedback process focused on the well-being of employees (rather than reprimands for unattainable goals) conveys to employees that the company in which they work assumes a commitment to their growth and development. This situation allows employees to be retained while helping them improve performance. Here are 2 key benefits to the feedback that is given in the way described here, helping the employee to develop:

  1. It is three times more likely that employees will recommend the organization as a great place to work.
  2. 2.4 times 2.4 employees will continue to work in the organization even in two years from today.

There are very many ways that allow organizations to improve the feedback process. One is to manage employee expectations from the first moment. Another way is to reduce the tension that feedback evokes among employees. Surveys conducted in the US show that only about 14% of employees responded that they “strongly agree” with the statement that the feedback they received encourages them to improve.

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