Part Of The Team: Managing Employees Effectively During The Coronavirus

StrategyDriven Talent Management and Managing Your People Article |Coronavirus|Part Of The Team: Managing Employees Effectively During The CoronavirusIt is safe to say that many businesses have had to adapt really quickly to the current situation. Businesses that had no idea how to incorporate remote working have had to do it quickly. But while we’ve all discovered new ways of working we’ve had to figure out how to keep our employees motivated during this difficult time. While it might not be top of your priority list right now, happy employees will continue to be productive ones. But this also means that you’ve got to learn how to manage them. You may very well be concerned about the state of the business but what can we do to make sure that our employees feel part of the organization despite what is going on?

Avoid Ambiguity

If we are more transparent our employees will know where they stand. It can prove to be challenging, especially when we have numerous employees to liaise with. But if we can find blanket ways to keep our employees on the same page this will go to alleviate some fears. Now, the benefit of work tools like Slack and Zoom have come into their own, and if we can increase our platforms for communication, whether this is incorporating a Coronavirus text alert so our employees are as up-to-date as humanly possible or improving our communication tools, we can work better at managing their anxieties. As simple as it is, being transparent can prove difficult, especially if we are worried about how long this pandemic will last and if our business will survive. But it’s not just about communicating the good things; it’s about communicating the bad but incorporating action plans so our employees know what will happen should things get worse. Ambiguity will breed anxiety so let’s minimize it.

Checking In With Them On An Individual Basis

It’s not easy to check in with them on an individual basis but while you may very well be having daily briefings where you can see them all, sometimes employees feel they can’t speak out on such an open forum. When our employees have individual stresses it’s crucial to ensure that they are focused and happy. And checking in with them on a semi-regular basis isn’t just being a good leader but it’s being a good friend. And this is something that we have to relax right now. Running a business is always at the forefront of our minds but when our employees feel so worried that they can’t do their job properly we must figure out a way to lessen their worries by providing a sympathetic ear or a friendly shoulder. When we get into the habit of checking in on an individual basis, like a quick phone call, the more we do this the more our employees will feel that they can open up. Some employees will keep everything bottled up and feel that they can’t speak their fears because you are “the boss.” But now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a culture of sympathy and support. What’s more, this should be the perfect time to make it last well beyond the end of this crisis.

Understand Your Individual Stresses

If you are a good boss you will do everything you can for your employees to minimize their fears. And while it’s fantastic that you are doing everything for them, are you neglecting your own needs? You may feel hell-bent on keeping the business afloat which means that you are working overtime. And while in one respect it’s a very useful distraction considering the current climate, you’ve also got to realize if you are working yourself to the bone.

Managing your employees during a crisis isn’t just about giving them everything they need but it’s about them recognizing that you are focused and professional. If they see that you look like you’re about to break, this won’t fill them with confidence, so you need to lead by example. And it’s a lesson that we all need to learn anyway. If you look after yourself you will look after everybody else much better. Take the opportunity every single day, not just to look at the company and employees, but also look at yourself and see if you are looking after yourself properly. One of the great benefits of working from home right now is that we can have more control over our diet and our downtime. Use this as the perfect opportunity to instill some better habits.

It’s a time of the precariousness but we can also so use this as an opportunity for some introspection. Your employees need your support and you have to give them what they need. And if you struggled to support them before, this can be the best opportunity to draw a line in the sand.

Get Fit With Kate

Get Fit With Kate

Kate has been a nationally licensed Holistic Health Counselor, trainer and yoga instructor for 15 years. She believes in an integrated approach to wellness that addresses the whole person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Her mission is to empower clients with the right tools to actualize transformation. An advocate of first clarifying what needs to be changed and then setting action steps towards these changes, Kate will get you on your way from point A to point B.

While Kate works one-on-one with training, yoga and nutrition clients, she as well offers corporate wellness events. Which are not limited to Zoom meditations, stretches and health coaching sessions.

What a “Holistic” approach means:

As a Holistic Health Counselor, Kate’s goal is to encourage you to live a life of quality – from the inside, out. Starting with diet, she will clear up the confusion around healthy eating and find out what diet works for you as an individual you are. With the right energy and clarity, we are able walk our talk and those changes in life that we think about making are actually implemented. This is why Kate goes beyond the food you put on your plate and delve your Primary Food – which truly satiates one hunger.

Primary Food consists of:

  • Open and honest relationships – how are you interacting with those around you, do these interactions leave you feeling good or bad?
  • Satisfying Career – are you sinking your teeth into something tasty that excites you?
  • Physical Activity – have you found the right type of movement that you enjoy and keeps you energized or are you depleted and stagnant?
  • Spirituality – Do you feel connected to something outside of yourself and have a way to tap into that on a daily basis?

Topics Kate Discusses:

Goal Setting, Physical Wheel of Life, Hydration Tips, Healthy Breakfast Options, Greens, Juicing, Dairy, Minerals, Vitamins, PH Testing, Candida and Candida Testing, Food Combining for Optimal Digestion, Natural Sweeteners, Gluten Free Option, Cholesterol, Causes of Cravings and Deconstructing these Cravings, Warming Foods for the Pancreas, Yin-Yang Balance, Eating for Your Blood Type, Ayurvedic Profiling, Organic – Dirty Dozen and Clean 15, Truth About Soy, Healing Power of Turmeric, Quick and Easy Healthy Meals for Busy Moms, Proteins, Grains, Time Management, De-stressing, Lifestyle Suggestions, Breathing Exercises, Adrenal Fatigue, Mindful Eating.. and several more..

Contact Get Fit With Kate

Phone: 415 676 0353

Email: [email protected]


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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article | 5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Employees HappyA happy workforce is a productive workforce, so it’s vital to ensure you look after your employees throughout the highs and lows of your business journey. When people are feeling the strain, they become demotivated, and this can lead to low productivity levels, which is not right for overall company goals. However, there are some simple ways to make sure everyone stays chipper through the best and worst time.

Take a look at some of the critical areas to consider below:

1. Recognise and praise success

It’s easy to forget the little things in the workplace due to the amount of work going on. However, just saying ‘thank you’ for a job well done, or recognising a team on completion of a successful project can work wonders for self-esteem. When people feel they are going unnoticed, they will eventually lack the motivation to put the effort in. This, in turn, will affect levels of productivity and willingness to put maximum effort in.

2. Offer good benefits

Not all companies can afford to give an all-encompassing benefits package, but making small steps can be a huge motivational boost. Anything from supplying coffee on-site, implementing a cycle to work scheme and using eyecare plans, so employees don’t have to pay if they need glasses for VDU use is a great way to show you care about their health and wellbeing.

3. Create an inspiring work environment

No one likes to sit and stare at four walls all day so it could be time to start thinking about your office design. Optimising natural light is a great way to boost morale and happiness in a workspace. Plus, dedicating areas, so individuals don’t feel tied to their desk can give employees some freedom to move around and feel creative in a collaborative space. On an interior aspect, why not add colourful prints or incorporate a creative décor theme to add some fresh and vibrant vibes to often whitewashed walls.

4. Trust individuals

One of the main frustrations from many employees is that they feel management don’t trust them to make the best choices. In many cases, management cannot do and control everything on a daily level, so delegation is a must. Assigning trust and responsibility to people gives them a sense of pride in their work. It also helps people to strive for better results.

5. Communicate well

Communication is another sticking point in organisations, and many people always feel out of the loop. Of course, you can’t disclose everything to employees. Still, there will be times where sharing details of projects and plans is beneficial, so everyone understands the bigger picture. This can also work in business slumps as if you don’t share concerns and strategies for improvement; employees can feel vulnerable and out of control of their personal circumstances.

These are simple ways to get your whole team on track and get the best out of everyone daily. They are also easy to implement, and you’ll reap the rewards in loyal and trusting staff that want to see the business succeed.

The Coronavirus Impact: How to sell your company to potential employees

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Coronavirus|The Coronavirus Impact: How to sell your company to potential employeesUnless you are a business like a supermarket who is benefiting from the recent coronavirus outbreak, it would be fair to say that there are a lot of concerns in the world of business.

With more of the world coming under lockdown, it means that most income is radically reduced. Governments might be suggesting that tax relief and other financial benefits will be on their way to companies, but there’s no doubt that the situation is fragile to say the least.

From an employee’s perspective, there are all sorts of unanswered questions. The thought of moving job during this period is almost out of the question, for the simple reason that it’s such a risky plunge to enter a probation period which may end abruptly.

It means that any business (and there won’t be that many of them) who are looking to expand has a limited number of options. Today’s article will therefore look at some of the ways you can sell your opportunity to a potential employee, and boost your workforce amid this crisis.

Emphasize your long-term plans

As we have already alluded to, this is a period where employees are going to be very wary indeed. They know that this is a fast-paced market, and one that is going to be changing by the day.

It means that you can’t be talking about your plans over the next month or two, you need to be thinking longer-term. Admittedly, outlining your plans during the crisis is fine, but this is the time to sell-in your growth plans. While some businesses are stagnating, this might be the time where your company is putting in the legwork to come out the other side all the more stronger. Make sure anyone who is poised to join your company knows this.

Show off all of your benefits

Of course, the financial package is going to be the main thing on most people’s minds during this period. At the same time, there is more you can use to tempt individuals to join your firm.

One of these might be benefits. Granted, free gym and cinema membership might be dangerous territory in the current climate, but some companies will have alternative benefits like discounts at popular stores as an example. Make sure you use software to manage employee benefits so that this is outlined loud and clear to your workforce.

Be flexible with your contracts

Finally, make sure you’re not going to scare anybody away by being too stringent with your contracts. Generous probation periods need to be outlined, while you also need to be careful about how you are managing unpaid leave. We’ve seen some companies really upset their workforce by insisting that their employees take such leave and while such an approach might be necessary, it’s not a way to win future workers if that is your current aim. People will be looking out for these clauses more than ever before so where possible, we would urge you to be more relaxed than usual with your contracts.

Getting the Best out of Your Employees

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Getting the Best out of Your EmployeesAlthough everyone faces stress in their jobs from one time or another, for the most part, they should love what they do. As an employer, you need a reliable and positive team of staff that does their best every day; however, occasionally it can be hard to keep employees motivated. Here are some ideas to help you get the best out of your employees and keep them happy at work.


It all starts with hiring the right people for the job. The reality is that you can’t always predict how well an individual is going to work based purely on a resume and interview. Sometimes they can appear to be the perfect candidate, only to be less than impressive when they start the job. It’s worth looking at your recruitment techniques and seeing if there are any ways you can test candidates further before offering them a position. Use recruitment agencies to narrow down the applicants before you set up interviews.


Every office tends to do things a little differently to others. Therefore take the time to train your staff on how you want things done. It could be that you need them to learn how to use a new computer program or a new compliance policy. Your staff won’t feel confident if they haven’t been trained efficiently and this will have an effect on their standards of work.

The Right Environment

Creating a positive working environment is also very important. If the office looks drab and gray, think about adding some color or plant life to make it feel less cold. Make sure that the staff break room is comfortable and stocked with a range of snacks and beverages. Perhaps consider introducing a work sports team that they can take part in recreationally? All of these little touches help your staff feel more comfortable at work and encouraging them to become friends means they can look forward to coming into work each day.


If you want to get the best from your staff, you need to be engaging in regular conversations with them about their progress. Hold appraisals where you can discuss with them how well they’re doing and in which areas they need to improve. This will also allow them to share any concerns they might have with you.

Also look at how the communication works in the office overall. Make sure your staff can communicate with each other quickly over the networks to complete work tasks faster. Contact IT support experts like Capstone IT Services (Florida) to help improve your business network.


Finally, consider implementing a rewards system at work to motivate your staff to hit their targets and work to their best ability every day. This will let them know their hard work is appreciated and they will be recognized for their efforts.

It’s important to keep your staff happy at work. Consider using some of the ideas above to help boost morale in your office.