4 Key Things to Think About Before Starting Up a Business

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Starting a Business|4 Key Things to Think About Before Starting Up a BusinessThere are many things in life that do not require much thought or planning, from daily tasks such as washing the dishes to getting dressed; there are a lot of things people do without much consideration. However, setting up a business is very different and is a task that requires a great deal of thought and preparation. You wouldn’t get into a bath without testing the water, so why start up a business without testing its practicality?

Let’s dive right in. Here are four key things to think about before starting up a business:


One of the most important things to consider before anyone sets up a business is finance. How much money do you need to start your business? Do you need to take out a bank loan? How are you going to manage your finances? These are some of the key questions you should be thinking about before you set up a business.

If you are setting up an online business, you may not need to consider the cost of a business premise; however, you will more than likely need to consider a budget for advertising, for example.

If you are reading this and you know you struggle with numbers and organizing finances, it could be beneficial to contact an accounting firm for assistance in sorting out the figures of your business.


An important consideration is whether your business can grow. If you are sitting in a very niche market, it may be hard for you to get recognition and stand out from overly saturated markets, where bigger businesses take the stage. When you set up a business, your main goal should be growth at as low a cost as possible to maximize profits.

Here are some things you can think about when considering scalability:

  • What will be my business model?
  • Do I already have a plan?
  • What will be the strengths of my business?
  • Is there room for my business?


Setting up a business takes a severe amount of time, energy, and an extra bucket load of patience. If you are someone who struggles to find time to themselves most days and can only find an hour in the evening to relax, setting up a business might be particularly challenging, and it could become overwhelmingly stressful. It is recommended that you make sure you have time to manage and run a startup business so that you can meet its exact needs.


Before you enter any market, you should know your main competitors inside out. Your competitors are what could stop you from gaining more consumers, as established businesses will already have the traffic of your target consumer, which is why it is a task to get the consumer’s attention. You have to establish what makes your product or business different from your competitors and make this known to your target consumer. You must tell them why you are better. Simple!


As much as the thought of starting a new business venture can be exciting, it is crucial for you to understand it does not come without its challenges, and there are many aspects to a business that needs planning. Having said that, a good entrepreneur will take on a challenge. Best of luck!

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