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StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Entrepreneurs|Intrepid Entrepreneurs > Entitled EntrepreneursIt’s very important to consider what kind of entrepreneur you hope to be once you decide to go it alone. More than simply branding yourself and wearing a cool suit, its the values and virtues you bring to this role that will really sustain you.

Some people may misinterpret that fact as meaning that as an entrepreneur, you have to get everything right. That would be nice of course, but it’s usually far from the reality of how success is actually gound. Entrepreneurs that come into their own and feel as though their willingness to take risks should define their success are not entirely wrong, but with that comes a sense of entitlement that can make them inflexible, immodest, and less open to opportunities that come.

It’s much better to be intrepid than to be entitled. Does that mean that you have to fly blind and think that nothing wrong can happen? Absolutely not. But it does mean curating a certain willingness to not only being taught the path through foresight, but through error too, as it’s almost impossible to ignore the latter. How can you achieve this? Let’s consider:

Follow Similar Thought Leaders

It’s good to follow thought leaders that focus on fearless visionary thinking while also never allowing that optimism to render their practical assessments useless. Dee Agarwal is a great example of this, and a sterling person to showcase how resilient business leadership should operate not just in general, but also the world of today. Thoughts leaders like this can show you just how visionary thinking works, and why it’s so necessary.

Learn From Your Mistakes With A Clinical Attitude

Learning from your mistakes isn’t easy. It’s not nice to say ‘this is where I messed up, and wasn’t prepared enough, and didn’t realize the error I was making.’ But it’s essential to do that, because even the biggest CEO’s in business make mistakes from time to time. A good way to look at this approach is to learn from your mistakes with a clinical attitude. Just see mistakes as tools and stepping stones to help you get to where you want to go. Feel your way forward and dont’ be afraid of making additional mistakes. Your character isn’t defined by the mistake you make, but how you react to and what you do with it.

Know The Value Of A Risk

Intrepid entrepreneurs know the value of risk. Some entrepreneurs think that risk is something to be minimized in all areas. But outside of safety precautions, that’s never really what you should chase. A healthy understanding of what the risks are and how to properly deal with them is much better than trying to eliminate them entirely and failing to make any progress because of that. This can help you become motivated to accept an investment, or try a service offering never done in your industry, or champion sustainability in an industry known for its waste. When you can more readily approximate a solution like that, you’ll not only achieve potentially resounding success, but you’ll have learned something from the effort.

With this advice, you’re sure to become a worthwhile and intrepid entrepreneur.

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