4 Biggest Challenges Small Businesses Face

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Small Businesses|4 Biggest Challenges Small Businesses FaceMany entrepreneurs are often excited to get their business idea off the ground. Yet, many can feel overwhelmed by the many obstacles they will face.

Unfortunately, the issues they encounter might impact a company’s survival. The Bureau of Labor statistics reported 20% of small businesses close within their first year.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or have recently launched a new venture, learn about the four biggest challenges small businesses face and the solutions to fix them.

1. Growing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial for developing a strong industry reputation, establishing trust, and generating substantial revenue.

Yet, building awareness is a major challenge for small companies, as they may need to compete with established rivals with huge marketing power.

For your company to follow in the footsteps of the biggest household names, it must introduce strategies for growing word of mouth referrals and boosting its reputation.

Hiring a PR specialist will increase a brand’s media coverage, which can lead to a bigger social media following and customer base.

Also, you could reach many more potential customers by co-partnering with local brands that sell complementary products or services. This will allow you to tap into their social media following and customer database.

2. Hiring Talented Employees

Labor quality is an issue for many small businesses. Attracting the right candidate for a role might be a challenge, as there might be a particular skills shortage in a town or city.

Also, a brand might not have access to a large database of hardworking professionals with extensive skills and experience.
If so, find an experienced staffing solutions company to help you discover and hire talented, experienced professionals on a permanent or temporary basis. If this sounds ideal, search for staffing agencies near me.

3. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for building loyalty, growing revenue, and encouraging word of mouth.

Yet, keeping customers happy might feel difficult for new business owners, as they may not have a large customer service team to resolve issues.

Also, a lack of capital might make it hard to create loyalty programs to encourage repeat custom.

Improve customer satisfaction by meeting consumer expectations to avoid complaints or refunds, go above and beyond when possible to make customers happy, and measure satisfaction to find ways to improve the customer service experience.

4. Workflow Management

Workflow management is one of the biggest obstacles small business owners must overcome.

It is your responsibility to introduce processes to support efficiency and enhance standards.

As you can’t be everywhere at one time, you might struggle to feel in control of your operations and processes each day.
Unfortunately, managing workflows will become a significant challenge as your business scales.

Take greater control of your company and identify roadblocks by:

  • Introducing anonymous employee satisfaction surveys
  • Asking direct reports to host one-to-one meetings with their team
  • Hosting one-to-one meetings with your direct reports
  • Asking employees about the issues they face in their roles

Every business owner will face challenges when running a small or large company. However, the solutions introduced will determine whether a brand stands the test of time or closes its doors.

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