Succeeding As a Leader – Focusing on Building a Strong Team Around You

StrategyDriven Management and Leadership Article |Building a strong team|Succeeding As a Leader – Focusing on Building a Strong Team Around YouWhen you are leading others, you naturally have a lot of pressure and strain to deal with. Improving how you lead, working towards being successful, and making a difference can be difficult things to achieve – especially if your team or colleagues are working against you (and not with you). To ensure that this does not happen, you have to focus on building a strong team around you. You cannot succeed in leadership all by yourself. The support and cooperation you will get from your team will be defined in your role both now and moving forwards. So, what proactive action do you need to start taking?

What Do You Want to Achieve as a Leader?

To begin with, you need to think about what you really want to achieve as a leader. For example, are you looking to raise profits within a business? Are you looking to improve productivity and efficiency? Are you looking to bring everyone together, and form a united business or company in the process? What do you want to achieve and why? When you have this vision firmly in your sights, you can then begin to push forwards. This question is relevant to consider both in terms of your work and your personal goals, so it is one to consider carefully.

Why You Need a Team and Support Network

Now that you have your vision and ideas for the future, you may be questioning why you need a support network and a great team around you. The answer is of course simple: you need them because you need their support and you need their input. As a leader, you can only achieve so much on your own, or by yourself. You need guidance, you need support, and you need backup, and this is what you can expect to get from a great supportive team. You will naturally think that what you are doing is the right way, you need constructive feedback from other people to establish whether you are right or wrong – what works and what doesn’t.

Connecting With Your Team – Finding Common Ground

Leading from the front or leading from the middle means that you need to be connected with your team. To find common ground and truly connect with your team, you have to do things that build relationships and also build trust. For example, you could organize a get-together with key team players at a UK stately home. The best stately homes to visit in the UK have spaces for groups to get together, and they have room for you and your team to connect and strengthen bonds.

Decisive Leadership

As a leader, you have to be decisive, and you have to be assertive. If you are not decisive, then how will others follow what you say, and how will you have a lasting and sustainable impact. To ensure that you are being decisive in as many areas as possible, you need to analyze your behavior and your response time. Are you making decisions as soon as you can? Are you taking decisive action in all work that you undertake? Struggling to be decisive can make you seem weak to colleagues and team members, and this can affect the level of trust that they hold in you.

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