How to manage staff when planning an office relocation

The key to a successful office move is organisation, not only planning the move itself but also managing staff. Office relocation can be a stressful, complex process, so making use of the people around you is paramount as it will both speed up the process and reduce your stress levels. The easiest way to manage staff is to put together a management team and ensure staff are fully informed throughout the move. Here a couple of top tips to help make sure you are always making the most of your team.

Select your team well in advance

[wcm_restrict]As opposed to a house move, office moves can be logistically difficult as they require staff members to help with the relocation alongside carrying out their daily job roles. Therefore, try and make sure you select your management team and inform all staff of what is expected of them during the move well in advance. This is particularly important if they are required to help during the weekend or outside of working hours. Also, if possible, arrange a visit to the new office for all key members of the moving team. This will then mean you can get extra help planning the office layout and will reduce the risk of unwelcome surprises on the day.

Put together a moving guide for employees

In order to ensure everyone is kept in the loop throughout the moving process it is a good idea to put together a moving guide to be distributed among all employees. Particularly if this is a big move rumors can cause a lot of unnecessary stress for you, so try and encourage your management team to regularly communicate with staff, making them aware of any updates or developments that may affect them.

One easy way to keep uncertainty among staff members to a minimum is through the use of an office moving guide. This guide is extremely important as it helps make sure everyone knows exactly what needs to be done prior to the move, for example how to prepare their workspaces and how to keep to a labeling system that you might have put in place. In some cases, relocation services can assist you with putting together this document. Getting professional help provides reassurance that you haven’t left out any vital details.

Keeping staff members fully informed at all times and making them responsible for their own space reduces the pressures on you and allows for a smoother, quicker office move.[/wcm_restrict][wcm_nonmember]

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