How To Dump The 9-to-5 And Join The Ranks Of The Rich

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Dump the 9-to-5|How To Dump The 9-to-5 And Join The Ranks Of The RichPeople often say that they need to go to work to earn money. But when you really look at their lives, are they actually as rich as they hope?

Almost always they are struggling with bills, credit card debt and down payments on their house. It’s not the life that many imagined.

For millennials, the situation is even worse. Many are working in gig or zero contract hours companies, get lousy pay and only receive a couple of weeks vacation each year. Many view their full-time jobs as more of a prison than a career path because of the sheer amount of time, energy and mental effort that they require. Younger people are wondering why they are investing so much effort and energy to do something that pays barely enough to cover their bills.

Unfortunately, most workers are stuck in the 9-5 trap. They spend so much time working, dedicated to their jobs that they fail to see all of the opportunities around them. They simply don’t have hours available to explore other possibilities, outside of their work and busy family lives.

So how do you get out of the 9 to 5 pattern? Here’s what to do.

Set A Timetable For Yourself

The first thing you need to do is improve your time management skills. Many people working in 9 to 5 jobs can’t afford to leave their present positions immediately. However, they may be able to rearrange their time to allow them to work on side projects alongside turning their main income.

Be strict with yourself and dedicate a few hours everyday to pursuing a different goal. Find a way to either sell your skills or build a business that will allow you to create an income stream that doesn’t rely on your present employer.

Do It As A Side Hustle First

Many budding entrepreneurs, such as Charles Zsebik, became successful by exploring their passions as a side project at first. Instead of abandoning their previous life and pursuing clients full time, they look for ways to to grow to do what they love on the side. If their passion grows into a viable business opportunity, they take full advantage of it.

Plan Out What You Want To Do

If your goal is to create income that replaces your existing salary, then the easiest thing to do is to sell your existing skills. Working as a freelancer in your current capacity allows you to escape the 9 to 5 and work hours that you decide. For instance, if you are a writer for your company, you might consider transitioning to writing for agencies or freelance platforms. These make it easy to kick start your freelance journey and money at the same time, whilst gaining independence.

While you are doing this you will also need to set your rate. You don’t want to leave your current 9 to 5 and wind-up working from 9 till 7. That won’t improve your quality of life, even if you are earning more per hour. If you aren’t happy with your current arrangement, don’t be afraid to fail fast. You can always try something new while you are experimenting with different income streams on the side.

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