How to Motivate Your Staff – Enjoy Improved Productivity and Efficiency

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Motivate your staff|How to Motivate Your Staff – Enjoy Improved Productivity and EfficiencyBusiness owners often make the assumption that by hiring qualified staff, making sure all departments have enough employees, and setting up systems that appear user-friendly enough that everything will go well. But here’s the thing, staff are people – not machines – which means variables such as workplace stress and pressure can negatively affect them. Business owners must recognise this to be the case and have a workable solution.

Here’s a look at how you can motivate your staff, help them to cope with the stress and pressure of the job, and in turn enjoy improved productivity and efficiency.

Enrol in Resilience Training for Business

The first tip is to get educated. Being an effective leader means you recognize when something is outside your realm of knowledge and that you seek out information to educate yourself. Training that teaches you how to be more resilient is an excellent choice for a company owner and upper management.

Look for training courses that address how to cope better with pressure and stress, which you can apply to your employees and teach them about. This can be done when you create the kind of work environment that is proactive, solution-based, and positive. That is the exact messaging that motivates employees in all the right ways. Learning how to be more resilient also means that you roll with the punches and you learn to thrive despite outside stressors.

Encourage Communication at All Levels

Another useful tip is to encourage and improve communication at all levels of the company. Staff needs to feel comfortable communicating with each other, their supervisors, and upper management. It shouldn’t be fear-based wherein employees would rather stay quiet than “get in trouble”.

Communication ensures that systems and processes run smoothly, everyone is on the same page, concerns and issues are shared promptly, and those good ideas get heard. Excellent communication helps to build a more inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels valued.

Employee Rewards Can Go a Long Way

In terms of motivating employees, offering rewards for a job well done can go a long way. This can be in the form of extra holiday time, bonuses, profit-sharing, paying for courses that better their qualifications, and even incentive programs.

Give Thought to the Physical Environment

You can take all the training courses and say all the right things to your employees but if you don’t also think about the physical work environment, then you won’t be successful in motivating staff. Staff want to work in an environment that allows them to do their job safely and comfortably, so ask yourself if this is being achieved in the current set-up?

Perhaps you need to invest in new equipment (office furniture, computers, printers, and so forth), maybe you need to create more space for employees, offer them a fully-stocked breakroom, and bring more natural light into the space.

It Won’t Take Long to See the Benefits

Once you embrace these tips and realise that motivating staff is to the benefit of all, it won’t be long before you start to see the positive results.

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