John Fornicola, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorSenior Advisor
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John Fornicola is a StrategyDriven Advisory Services Senior Advisor with over 40 years of Energy industry and consulting experience. He possess extensive nuclear and power generation experience in the areas of Nuclear Oversight, Quality Assurance, Nuclear Safety Assessment, Business Operations, Change Management, and Nuclear and Environmental Licensing and Regulatory Affairs; having held senior leadership positions in Nuclear Safety Assessment, Nuclear Oversight and Quality Assurance.

Prior to becoming a management consultant, John held several senior nuclear power plant leadership positions at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and GPU/Exelon; leading nuclear oversight, quality assurance, and change management functions including:

  • Led a staff of full-time and contract Quality Assurance, Licensing, and Employee Concerns personnel at TVA’s three nuclear stations and Corporate Office in the performance of audits and assessments of operational, recovery, and construction related activities.
  • Directed Browns Ferry Unit 1 Re-Start operational performance oversight in preparation for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Operational Readiness Assessment Team (ORAT) evaluation. Earned an ORAT performance assessment finding indicating that TVA Nuclear’s “performance was consistent with that of current operating reactors, and activities observed demonstrated that adequate controls were used to successfully exhibit readiness for the facility and staff to safely startup and conduct power operations of the Unit 1 facility.”
  • Led the Licensing organization in obtaining the NRC’s Approval of the Browns Ferry License Renewal application for all three reactors extending each unit’s operating license for an addition 20 years.
  • Developed and implemented a TVA Nuclear Quality Assurance Improvement Plan recognized by a 2006 NIEP Evaluation as strengthening the Nuclear Assurance management team’s capabilities and credibility, creating visible senior leadership commitment, and significantly improving alignment between the oversight staff and TVA Nuclear’s leadership team.
  • Organized and staffed the final dismantlement and site disposition oversight board for the Saxton Nuclear Experimental Corporation reactor site including license change processing.
  • Managed the Operations Quality Assurance, Procurement Quality Assurance, and Quality Control functions at Three Mile Island (TMI) during the TMI Unit 1 return to prominence and the TMI Unit 2 recovery efforts.
  • Led the TMI Unit 1 Quality Assurance oversight function, earning the NRC’s top Systematic Assessment of Licensee Performance (SALP) rating (SALP-1).
  • Managed the Quality Assurance oversight of the TMI Unit 2 Recovery effort ensuring safe, efficient, and effective defueling, cleanup, and radioactive waste shipment.
  • Managed a TVA Corporate group responsible for process improvement, procedure governance, and oversight; document control and records management process ownership and implementation; change management; and implementation and maintenance of the Nuclear Power Group’s Enterprises and Business Application Management process. Vastly improved the TVA Change Management process by developing site leadership and implementation roles and establishing a website including change management tools.
  • Directed the implementation of the GPU Nuclear Safety Culture Survey.

Johns’s participation in nuclear industry committees and events helped shape the industry’s approach to maintaining safe and reliable operations. He served as a voting member of the Nuclear Quality Management Leadership Forum; establishing benchmarking and technical exchanges opportunities between utilities.

John attended Penn State University; earning a Master of Administration and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degrees.

In addition to degree conferring programs, John has received several leading certifications from respected national and international organizations including:

  • Certified DISC Behavioral Analyst/Consultant, The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc.
  • Certified Vision Facilitator and Coach, GPU/ARC International
  • Certified Teamwork and Leadership Facilitator, GPU Nuclear/Senn-Delaney

John can be contacted by phone at (423) 310-3331 or email at [email protected].