Talent Management Best Practice 1 – Ensure Employability

Decades ago, an individual typically had the opportunity to work for their entire career within one company. Times have changed. Process automation and streamlining as a form of cost reduction has driven corporate rightsizing; eliminating the lifelong job security of times past and heightening employment risk. Combined with evolving employee tastes and a need to increase productivity, talent development takes on new importance.

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Additional Information

StrategyDriven recommends a number of programs and resources to help further develop executives, managers, and employees. These are included in our:

  • Practices for Professionals: tried and true actions that enhance personal performance effectiveness and efficiency
  • Tools for Professionals: products and services that help professionals become more organized, connected, and efficient
  • Recommended Resources: print, audio, video, webcast, and seminar resources that have significantly contributed to the successful business planning and execution activities of StrategyDriven Contributors and for which we believe the benefits outweigh the required time and financial investment
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