Innovation In The Gardening And Lawn Care Industry

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Lawn Care Industry|Innovation In The Gardening And Lawn Care IndustryThe gardening and lawn care industry is huge in the United States of America. The lawn is a suburban American institution, and a whole cadre of businesses and technology innovators have sprung up to support the modest green plots that so many people cherish. In American middle-class culture, the lawn has historically been seen as an indicator of comfort, wealth, and stability. A well-tended lawn is an externalization of internal contentment. Lawn grass is the most grown crop in the United States of America: an inedible plant that is grown in higher quantities than corn, wheat, and sunflower.

It is therefore unsurprising that innovation is always taking place in the lawn care and gardening industries. Here are some of the most high-profile innovations that have taken place in recent years.


Lawn care and gardening used to be in the hands of many small-scale operations that marketed themselves via word of mouth. Lawn care scheduling and payment were done in person and on the fly. Today, software has changed all of that. Modern lawn care software enables the management of multiple jobs using multiple teams – allowing for the swift expansion of companies. Software is quickly making a big impact on the gardening and lawn care industries, and companies that refuse to adopt it are set to be left in the dust.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality software allows lawn care and landscaping professionals to show concepts to clients in ways that could only have been dreamed up in science fiction until now. Large-scale, high-budget landscaping and lawn design projects have always included an element of risk: clients might not fully understand what they are buying and what their beloved garden might look like once work is complete. With virtual and augmented reality tours of prospective landscapes, clients can see exactly what they will receive at the end of the day.

Social Media Marketing And SEO

Gone are the days in which gardening and lawn care jobs were exclusively advertised using word of mouth and in local newspapers. Modern green industry professionals typically harness targeted social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization in order to draw in clients. Search Engine Optimization is especially important for lawn care professionals. A well-optimized online presence is essential if a company wants to draw in the clients that search for local lawn care solutions using a search engine like Google. Targeted social media advertising can draw in clients that live in the local area or who post about homeowning topics online. With so many lawn care and gardening companies operational in each given area, professionals need to be hyper-targeted with their marketing in order to stand out from the pack.


Automated sprinklers are nothing new, but today’s automated lawn watering systems use sensors to account for environmental conditions when distributing water. One of the features of the American lawn is that it is typically grown against nature. Water sprinkling systems are essential in hot states.