Organizational Performance Measures Whitepaper Introduction – Construction

StrategyDriven contributors are pleased to introduce the organizational performance measures whitepaper: Construction. This whitepaper focuses on the process of building selected performance measures in a manner that allows vertical cascading and horizontal sharing while also supporting organizational decision-making. Organizational Performance Measures – Construction is the capstone of the Organizational Performance Measures Whitepaper Series; presenting a method for developing organizational performance measures based on the principles presented the previously introduced organizational performance measures whitepapers: Alignment, Types, and Selection.

Constructing organizational performance measures addresses the practical side of building vertically cascaded and horizontally shared measures based on the principles discussed in earlier whitepapers. Because performance measures facilitate decision-making within an organization, their construction is highly influenced by the needs of executives and managers in making decisions regarding the parameters being reflected by the measures. Therefore, the methods described in Organizational Performance Measures – Construction focus on enhancing performance measure interpretation to speed condition recognition and promote appropriate, proactive response.

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