Learn How to Achieve Enterprise Excellence at an Executive One-Day Seminar with Forrest Breyfogle

Competitive pressures are forcing executives to react faster to changing business conditions and customer requirements. Line managers and decision-makers need to have an efficient and effective system for day-to-day business operation with access to performance metrics that lead to the most appropriate activities.

In July 2008, we were privileged to host Forrest Breyfogle, Founder and CEO of Smarter Solutions and author of The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System series on the StrategyDriven Podcast. During our interview, Forrest shared his insights on using the Integrated Enterprise Excellence System (IEE) to improve business performance beyond that achievable through use of Lean Six Sigma or The Balanced Scorecard alone. IEE combines the best practices of earlier tools and methods, like Lean Six Sigma, with innovative analytical techniques to drive financial and operational success at the enterprise level and achieve the three Rs of business, everyone doing the Right things the Right way at the Right time.

And now Forrest is offering a one-day executive seminar where participants will learn how to implement The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System to:

  • increase productivity and eliminate daily firefighting and non-value add activities from business processes
  • sustain a consistent, high-performance team environment and culture
  • improve top- and bottom-line strategies and results in a fierce competitive and global market
  • improve the measurement criteria and report out of high-level business metrics
  • achieve and execute repeatable, strategic business plans

Seminar Details

This session is open to the public and complimentary for leading influencers and decision-makers. Please call (512) 918-0280 to determine if you qualify for this complimentary session.

Executive One-Day: Achieving Enterprise Excellence

March 19, 2009

8 am to 5 pm

Smarter Solutions, Inc.
11044 Research Blvd.
Suite B-400
Austin, Texas 78759

(512) 918-0280


Additional Resource

Find out more about The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System by listening to StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 3 – An Interview with Forrest Breyfogle, author of Integrated Enterprise Excellence, Volume I – The Basics.

Additional Information

Forrest details how to implement The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System in his four book series which can be purchase by clicking on the following links:

Complimenting the outstanding insights contained within The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System series and our special edition StrategyDriven Podcast are the organizational performance improvement materials and resources found on his website, Smarter Solutions (www.SmarterSolutions.com).

Forrest W. Breyfogle III, author of The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System series, is CEO of Smarter Solutions, a global management coaching and consulting firm specializing in the design and application of innovative enterprise-wide performance measures and business solutions. For over 15 years, Forrest has advised company leaders and their teams on how to improve their organization’s performance through the use of his Integrated Enterprise Excellence System. In 2004, Forrest received the prestigious Crosby Medal from the American Society for Quality for his earlier book, Implementing Six Sigma. He serves on the Board of Advisors for the University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence. To read Forrest’s full biography, click here.

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