“LinedIn’s simple philosophy: Relationships Matter”


About the Resource

LinkedIn is a free online networking service connecting 24 million experienced professionals worldwide. Members create biographies viewable by the internet community that include as many of the following attributes as desired:

  • background summary and photo
  • current and past employment experience including company, position, and job description
  • education including school, degree conferred, years attended, special activities, and recognition
  • membership in professional groups and associations
  • honors and awards received
  • industry affiliation
  • personal, professional, or business website links

LinkedIn allows members to build their networks by connecting with other members they know through current or past business, school, or personal relationships. Members can further expand their networks by joining one or more corporate, alumni, and/or professional LinkedIn groups and by getting introduced to other members through people they know. LinkedIn also offers paid subscriptions that give premium members tools for finding and reaching people outside of their network.

Benefits of Using this Resource

Networks are an increasingly important part of every professional’s career. LinkedIn helps members build and maintain their network as well as affording them the opportunity to:

  • find potential clients, service providers, subject matter experts, and partners
  • post and distribute job listings
  • find high-quality passive candidates
  • be found for business opportunities
  • search for employment opportunities
  • leverage inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals

The quality of these opportunities is further validated by the recommendations members provide for others with whom they have a relationship.

Final Thought…

Relationships, not business card networks, are a cornerstone of every successful professional career. LinkedIn is a premier tool for helping experienced professionals stay connected with those in their network, however, it cannot create or maintain relationships. Professionals must personally develop and nurture the relationships within their network. It is through active relationships and quality interactions with others that the full measure of LinkedIn’s benefits can be realized.

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