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StrategyDriven Tools for Professionals Article |Article Rewriter|Free Article Rewriter Tool - Paraphrasing ToolContent writing has outgrown all over the world. The digital world has witnessed massive growth in blog forums and websites. People are always in the quest of ways that can satisfy their need to produce quality content. Apparently, blogging seems to be quite easy, but it isn’t. People from all around the world have been flooded into this particular field. Most of them succeed, while others are left with no other choice except to exit. Many people argue that you can earn thousands of dollars through blogging; the notion is true. But for that, you would have to produce quality content. There are ways of getting good content by hiring in-house writers or by outsourcing your work to freelancers. Apart from these ways, you can also opt for Article rewriter tools for this purpose. There is an extensive range of web utilities, which will let you paraphrase online without getting into any hassle. Many of them are paid, while others are free for that purpose. The article rewriter tools are also beneficial for you if you don’t have a grip over a particular topic.

What is the Algorithm behind Rewriter Tools?

The advanced algorithm that works behind rewriting tools paraphrase the sentences in a way that it may not lose its meaning, while not disturbing the sentence structure—the paraphrasing tool, which is also commonly known as article spinner. However, the structural changes are carried out in the sentences and pass the plagiarism so that there may not be any duplicated phrases in the passage.

If you lack time and need to develop content in bulk, then the word changer utilities could be the one that will help you out in this regard. You would have a question in your mind whether this tool is useful for the bloggers or not. The answer to this question is YES. Only with a few clicks, you can get your desired content on the go. From the blogging perspective, the tools hold immense power to satisfy the needs of your blog.

Rewriter Tool Impact on Readability

Article rewriter tools have always remained controversial among the blogging community. Some tools ruin the overall readability of the user, but some make it sure to put the words in the right context without disturbing the sentence structure like The online article rewriter utility paraphrases the content naturally. It uses words that fit perfectly in the context. The best part as mentioned above about the rewriter tool is that it’s completely free to use, and you won’t have to spend any money on it.

Impact on SEO

Content is considered as a crucial part of Search engine Optimization. Before ranking any webpage in the SERP, the search engines keenly analyze the content initially and then moves on to other factors. Therefore producing high-quality content is inevitable and indispensable for the bloggers.

It may be argued that Article rewriter utilities severely impact overall SEO performance. The argument couldn’t be entirely right off; the online paraphrasing tools mostly produce content that is not worthy of reading and doesn’t have any value for the users. But still, many rewriting tools are decent enough to spend your time fetching out the content. Search engines only rank those web pages which genuinely have value for the users. They prefer to rank those pages with simple and easy-to-understand content, and the users may not have to get into any hassle for understanding the material. The tool which is mentioned above produces content, which could be considered as SEO friendly.

Final Words

Lastly, the article rewriter tool is widely used in the blogging community, and it has been regarded as a miracle for SEO masters and bloggers.

Although there are some issues that are associated with the utility, still it has been among the one who is making a significant difference for the bloggers by saving their time and money. If you’re fed up with pursuing writers for the content and want to live with peace of mind by getting the content on time, you should no longer worry. The online paraphrase tool is at your disposal for this purpose. In the ultimate analysis, no one would deny that the article rewriter utility is a blessing for everyone out there. Apart from bloggers, students who are struggling with their assignments, thesis, and research papers can also utilize this tool for delivering top-notch quality work to their academic institutions. As the article rewriter tool will ultimately make sure to pass the plagiarism, there would be no duplicated passages in their work. Don’t wait anymore and start using large web utilities.

Top Apps For Essay Writing To Use This Year

StrategyDriven Tools for Professionals Article |Apps for Essay Writing|Top Apps For Essay Writing To Use This YearLogic, order, and organization are the three main categories required to write a captivating essay. The good news is that today, there are different types of apps that can help students stay organized and focused. Whether you want to write a press release, blog, or essay, at some point you will need an admission essay writing service or an app that can help you finish your project with ease.

The following is a list of the best apps for essay writing for Android and iOS in 2020.

Pro Writing Aid

This app was developed by Chris Bank in 2012 and it is a cloud based copyediting tool programmed to find issues when writing an essay and improves on readability as well. It can be used by assignment writers, copywriters, and bloggers as well. This software can run on all operating systems.

Focus Writer

This program is designed to run on Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is a free open source word processing program that can create and save text in RTF format. This app is recommended for people who are serious about writing. Key features of the app include:

  • Document tabs
  • Spell checking
  • Live statistics
  • Themes
  • Hide-away interface


This is one of the most popularly used apps by students today. It can save you from punctuation mistakes, grammatical mistakes, misspellings, and can help improve your quality of writing. The best feature in this app is the online proofreader that checks for plagiarism.


Just like the name suggests, this app helps students to turn small, simple ideas into great essays. You can back up all your notes and pull them using the search function whenever you need to. This app is minimalistic and modern on all platforms. Apart from students, developers and programmers also love using this app. It is available for MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and web.

The above mentioned apps are just some of the top tools being used by both students and professional writers to help them sharpen their skills in essay writing. Most of these apps are free and can be downloaded on multiple devices, meaning you can have access even while on the move. Don’t struggle anymore with essay writing, be sure to make use of these apps to create quality essays.

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Gemma Walford is head of Sales and Account Management for Convene for the EU region. She has extensive experience of the Public sector and is interested in improving productivity and business change.

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About the Author

Gemma Walford is head of Sales and Account Management for Convene for the EU region. She has extensive experience of the Public sector and is interested in improving productivity and business change.