StrategyDriven Welcomes Jeff Kortes

The StrategyDriven family is proud to introduce Jeff Kortes as our newest contributing author!

Jeff Kortes is the President of Human Asset Management LLC, a human resources consulting firm which specializes in executive search, retention, engagement and front line leadership training. He is a ‘no nonsense,’ action oriented strategist that helps organizations acquire talent, engage and retain people as well as training the heart of their organizations… their front-line leadership using his Execution Focused Leadership® series.

In addition to running his executive search firm, he is a skilled facilitator, trainer, and professional speaker who energizes participants. Jeff has 25 years experience in human resources in both public and private sector organizations. He obtained this experience while functioning in construction, manufacturing, municipal government, and high tech environments.

Jeff is a regular blogger on retention, recruitment, and leadership and has also written and published the book No Nonsense Retention: Painless Strategies To Retain Your Best People. No Nonsense Retention is a hard hitting yet easy to read primer on how to develop and implement a strategic retention process in any department or organization. The book is based on real life experiences and research of organizations that successfully retain their talent.

Speaking Engagements

Jeff is a regular speaker to associations and companies about retention, recruitment, and leadership. His programs include:

  • No Nonsense Retention… Painless Strategies to Retain Your Best People
  • Slug Proof Your Team… No Nonsense Strategies to develop a High Performance Organization
  • Anyone Can Recruit… But can you sell the Organization?

To learn more about Jeff’s programs, visit his website

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