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It doesn’t matter what business you are in or what the size of your business is, if you have an online presence then you have one specific goal in mind: increase your online sales. Of course, the battle lies in the execution, which isn’t as easy to do as you may have first thought, especially with the constant changes in this part of business. It can just be a lot to get your head around and keep up to date with.

That is why we have come up with a list of strategies, platforms and techniques you can start using to seriously increase your online sales performance.

The Best Strategy: Honest Sales Copy

The oldest and most obvious strategies are often the best, and that is certainly the case when it comes to writing your sales copy. Honest is always the best policy. That is why it dumbfounds us just how often companies make promises they simply can’t keep. Please, don’t do this. In today’s economy, reputation and trust are synonymous with success and that is why honesty is one of the things every entrepreneur needs to embrace. There is just too much consumer choice out there for your unsubstantiated claims to have anything but a negative impact on your revenue. So, this afternoon, we urge you to go through all your sales copy – from your email campaigns to your website content – and amend anything that isn’t absolutely true.

The Best Platform: Real-Time Bidding

This is one of those areas where the newer introductions to the market tend to always be better than the last, and that is what makes in app advertising such a must-have weapon in your money-generating arsenal. We already know that consumers prefer apps to websites, but what you may not know is that consumers are on the cusp of using apps more. It is on the rise. That is what makes sophisticated real-time bidding so important. It works by competing with your networks at the impression level in such a way that it ensures your inventory is filled by the highest-paying source, and that guarantees an improvement in your revenue.

The Best Technique: Ad Extensions

Extensions are absolute must-have for any business that is selling something online. It is simple: the bigger the ad, the more places to click and the more chance you will be clicked. The best bit, though, is that it doesn’t cost any extra while drastically improving the click-through rate your advert boasts. What’s more, all the big search engines offer this feature. The reason it works from a consumer’s perspective is that it increases the speed in which they can get to their desired product, making it the experience that much nicer. Let’s say they have searched Google for shoes, and a big advert comes up at the top of the page which says “Designer shoes – Free Shipping & Returns” and then below that has the clickable options of Men’s Shoes and Women’s Shoes, you have made their life easier.

The Best Asset: Your Customers

We’re going to keep this short: customer feedback is the most important asset you have when it comes to increasing your revenue. That is because new customers need something to trust before they commit to buying. They want to read that someone before them bought what they wanted and absolutely loved it. No matter how good your sales copy is, it will never be as powerful or effective as a satisfied customer giving you a thumbs up.

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