StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Website Optimization| 3 Ways to Keep Consumers on Your Website for Longer

3 Ways to Keep Consumers on Your Website for Longer

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Website Optimization| 3 Ways to Keep Consumers on Your Website for LongerAs a modern-day business owner, you know just how important it is to have a website that attracts traffic. Attracting visitors to your site is, however, only half the battle. You actually have to keep them there if you’re to stand any chance whatsoever of, one day, turning them into customers of yours.

In order to ensure that consumers stick around on your site long enough to see all of the great products and services that you make available, you’re going to have to put the following pieces of advice into practice.

Focus on speed optimization

A whopping 47 % of consumers expect a web page to load within 2 seconds. In order to ensure that the speed at which your website loads doesn’t affect your ability to keep consumers on it, you need to focus on speed optimization.

Do you feel like you have no clue where you would even get started in this instance? Fear not, as there are plenty of people and companies out there that are waiting and willing to help. Pixel Panther, a company that offers SEO services Romsey, are one such professional entity that you could turn to. They would work alongside you to ensure that your website is quick to load whether it’s accessed on a desktop computer or a mobile device. One of the things they would do to optimize your speed is fix any sticky menus that you have — this will ensure that none of your site’s pages fall foul to the plight of slow loading.

Be clear about what it is you do

Consumers aren’t going to stick around on your site if they don’t deem it relevant to them. They need to know that they are going to be able to unearth the information that they need to know, and they need to know this quickly. If they are unable to figure out what it is you do and what it is you can offer them within a few seconds of accessing your site, they’ll move on. For this reason, you have to be clear about what it is you do. Don’t waste anybody’s time — get straight to the point of what your business is and what it offers.

Keep it simple

Similarly, consumers won’t feel the need to stay on your site for too long if what they see confused them. What you should do, then, is keep everything as simple as possible. Do not litter your site with huge chunks of writing or, on the other hand, over-compensate with clever interactivity if the content that you upload doesn’t engage with your consumers. Everything that you do has to find the perfect balance between being both informative and intuitive.

After working so hard to attract them to it in the first place, why would you want consumers to leave your website within seconds of accessing it? To keep them around on your site for longer in order to, subsequently, give you a better shot of garnering more custom and profit going forward, you need to consider all of the above advice.

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