10 Keys to Travel Savings in 2010’s ‘New Normal’

Business travel is the second largest controllable cost for the average US organization and in 2010’s “new normal”, procurement managers are preparing for: more travel using the same if not smaller budgets (56% of NBTA’s 2010 Business Travel Forecast respondents cautiously reported that they expected their spending to increase – 31% expected flat spending*), the fact that air, hotel, and car rental rates will go down (between 1% to 8%*), negotiated deals will remain prevalent for those who can control and direct spending (70% of Travel Managers reported that they think they will negotiate better hotel rates, 30% think they will get better car and air deals*), increased pressure to leverage more of their travel and meeting spend to reduce costs and enhance benefits, virtual travel to play a larger role as well a mobile tools, miscellaneous costs to continue to rise, and lastly that national, world and emergency situations will require support and communication systems. We have already experienced terrorism attacks, two earthquakes and unusual weather catastrophes in the last 90 days.

So now that we know what to expect, what can we do to manage these changes and obstacles?

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Michael MacNair owns MacNair Travel Management, a privately owned American Express Representative Office, which has helped organizations develop a clear Travel Management System that delivers unparalleled value and exceeds expectations. MacNair Travel is a Travel Leadership Consulting Firm because of its proactive consulting toward the development of a cutting-edge travel plan, dedication to unbiased rate searches that save money and time, and dedicated service teams that build confidence. Michael MacNair, author of Smooth Landings, conducts Travel Management seminars for many organizations, such as the National Business Travel Association, and is a frequent media spokesperson. For more information, visit: www.macnairtravel.com or call 703-836-1100.

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