Tips for Creating Successful Small Business Websites

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Websites for Small Businesses|Tips for Creating Successful Small Business WebsitesThe trick to making a great website is sound planning. This is the case for small personal sites and the websites of large businesses that see hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. Your small business’ website should be set up on the same ethos – with your visibility, find-ability, and navigability in the forefront of your mind as you develop your own corner of the world wide web.

This article features some crucial tips to help you make the most of the opportunities for small businesses brought about by hosting your own site on the global and open-access internet.

Select a Host

First thing’s first; your host will determine the success of your website by providing cheap, reliable and efficient hosting for you and your company’s website. Partnering with reliable hosts means you’re able to focus on the day-to-day of business without worrying about how your site will be appearing on the internet. Use Hosting Foundry to compare and select the hosts that’ll be best-suited to your needs.

Create a Site Map

Your site map is the blueprint of your website. It’s a kind of bird’s eye view that oversees all the pages that you will create, and how they’ll be linked together. Ordinarily, websites will have a set of the following pages, as standard:

  • A home page
  • An about page
  • A contact page
  • A products page
  • A staff/hiring page
  • A press/PR page

Of course, you might find that you require more pages or less, depending on the nature of your website. However, it’s important to remember that website visitors are used to receiving a certain set of information from the sites they browse, meaning your site will feel abnormal if it doesn’t provide this vital information. It might discourage sales if your website isn’t uniform with the high standards of business sites across the web.

Partner with Software

Possibly the most important tip to help you make the most out of your experimentation with web design and site hosting as a small business – software partnerships can truly be the difference between a successful website and an unsuccessful one. Here, you’ll be able to explore a very busy and impressive marketplace of selling solutions to benefit any business, with especially product hosting options for you to promote your goods or payment software that’ll help you process the wide variety of payments that your company will receive.

Modern Design Trends

The world of graphic design and web design is ever-changing, with innovations and creativity making older styles obsolete and boring to the web users who’re frequently browsing hundreds of different websites per week. To be eye-catching and bold, as well as reliable and trustworthy to your consumer, it’s important to strike the right balance here between striking design and ergonomic design. You’ll no doubt be helped in making design-based decisions by the individual or agency you choose to partner with when creating your site; they’ll be able to throw around ideas in a sandbox with you to see what sticks.

Creating a site can be a long journey, but it’s a vital asset in the digital age of commerce. Your small business site can benefit from the tips outlined above, in order to draw traffic and sales into its own online entity.

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