Employee Training Tips for 2020

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Employee Training|Employee Training Tips for 2020Employee training in many different industries follows a similar pattern. There’s book learning – we give our employees handbooks or guides so that they can read more about their jobs and learn more about our companies. And shadowing – new employees buddy up with a more experienced member of staff, or trainer, to learn on the job, watching, copying and learning from other members of your team. There’s no doubt that these methods are effective. We do learn from reading and copying other people. But, they aren’t the only ways to learn.

Offering your staff a more extensive range of training can help them to improve. More instruction can help new employees to settle, and older members of the team stay on top of their game. If you are looking to boost performance in 2020, some of these training tips and ideas could help.


Often, the problem is that we try to learn too much, too quickly. We struggle to take it all in. We overwhelm our minds. Many managers are guilty or overwhelming employees with new processes or information that they need to learn, and we often give them a relatively short amount of time to do it.

Microlearning can be much more effective. Give people small amounts of information, and give them the time to process it, before moving on. Spend time teaching in small chunks, utilizing coaching, testing and other teaching methods, and breaking everything down as much as possible.

Keeping lessons and training sessions short can also increase information retention. Nowadays, we have very short attention spans. We’re used to scrolling through social media feeds, reading very short statements and watching micro video clips. We’ve gotten used to accessing information in this way, and so our brains struggle to cope with more.

Lose the Dull Team Meetings

Team meetings can seem like an effective way to give all of your employees the same information in one go. It can seem as though this would save you time. But the majority of team meetings are exceptionally dull, and the majority of staff hate them. So, lose them. Have short daily briefings and one on one training sessions instead. If you do need a team meeting, keep it short, and try to make it fun.

Play Some Games

Sometimes, people forget things. Often, simple things. They just slip out of our minds. You might even find that many members of your team forget the same things. Creating games like bingo or puzzles with a crossword puzzle maker can help them to remember. Simple games like this can boost memory and increase knowledge retention.

Keep it Personal

Everyone learns differently. Getting to know your staff members, and learning more about how they work can help you to offer personalized training.

Create Training for Personal Time

More of us than ever are working from home, or on the move. Your team members might be reading training manuals on the train, and not at a desk. Tailor your training to suit this. Record podcasts that they can easily listen to on their commute, or film short videos that they can easily watch on their phones.

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