How to Keep Business Travel Costs Down

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Business Travel Costs|How to Keep Business Travel Costs DownBusinesses are pinched, but managing your supply chain and business relationships through online video chat and emails is hard. It’s hard to keep people accountable, hard to clarify what you mean when you aren’t on-site, and harder still to come up with innovative solutions when you’re working through a screen.

Travelling to solve and fix these issues is essential, but not every company can currently afford it or find a flight to get them where they need to be. If you are grounded, there is not much that you can do, but to keep costs low for when the restrictions lift, you will want to follow this guide.

Sign Up for Flight Deals

There are two ways you can get a great deal on a flight. The first is to keep an ear out for special deals or sales. You’d be surprised at how many are occurring right now to help airlines manage their costs even though all their flights are grounded.

Take advantage of this to book very cheap flights months ahead, but don’t forget the cancellation policy. If the cancellation policy offered by the airline isn’t good enough, then your travel insurance should offer protection.

The second way is by comparing flights based on day and time. There are no set prices, so setting up alerts for price drops can help you get a great deal at any time of the year.

How to Save Going to and From Airports

If you live close enough to an airport that you can either take a shuttle or rent a taxi without it piercing holes in your wallet, then these are the better options. If your nearest airport is far away, then your best bet will be to drive there yourself. You will want to book long-stay parking in advance, especially in popular lots like Atlanta airport parking to secure yourself a good deal and a better spot.

Accommodation Options

If your business is truly struggling, then even hotels are going to seem out of your reach. Alternatives to hotels (even with the best deal you can find) include renting a private room from a local to seeing if your business partners have a place where you or your employee can stay.

You should also look for places out of the main area for more deals, but do remember to compare the travel costs to ensure overall you are spending the least amount of money.

Budget Food Options

The best part about renting either a room or a non-hotel option is that more often than not, you will be allowed to use an actual kitchen. Cooking will be hands-down the healthiest and cheapest way to eat while you are travelling. You can even bring with you familiar foods if you are travelling to an area where you are not used to the cuisine.

Saving on Public Transportation

The cheapest way to get around your destination will be with public transportation. Save with passes – some are designed for tourists, others are just passes for the day or week. Choose the best one for your budget and needs.

If you need to travel out of the city for work, however, then you will need to research your options. It might be cheaper to drive yourself, or there might be shuttle buses and other public transport choices that can help you save even further.

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