SMS & Email Are The Best Lockdown Marketing Strategies

With the world getting used to the pandemic lockdown, businesses are having to get used to the fact that they’re customers are more cautious with their spending. They say that ‘only the strongest will survive’, but in the case of business, it’s those who adapt. Business expenses are also being limited as the same amount of income is not possible in these current times. The one place where you shouldn’t be decreasing spending is your marketing strategy. However, you must now tighten the scope to focus on strategies that will work the best in the current consumer climate. SMS and email strategies are head and shoulders above the rest and here is why.

Opportunity for expression

Email marketing has an advantage that no other marketing type has. You can convey your message in a much broader and thorough manner. You simply have more validity and space, for explaining your message. It’s been suggested that the word count should be between 50-150 but as people have more time on their hands, you could increase that to 100-200.

Ensure that your message during this crisis is pitch-perfect. The tone in which you express your call-to-action is absolutely critical. Don’t convey your products as essential but rather, things that could inject enjoyment or comfort into the customer’s life. As for the content of your email, keep it simple. Display the top discounted products and services through imagery and display how long the sales will be active. People are more likely to check their emails regularly throughout the day now that everybody is at home. This makes your email marketing approach even more important as every word will be absorbed to a higher degree.

Building new relationships

Customers are browsing like never before. Some internet providers are reporting over 50% more internet usage than before as people are working from home. This is a chance that you may never get again. Place a webform on your website so any visitor can type their name and phone number before carrying on to the page. With their contact details in your database, keyword SMS marketing is the strategy you should employ to display deals, discounts and future campaigns. This is how to build an sms funnel using a three-stage approach. Firstly, select a keyword that fits your brand. You could use your brand name with a number or so at the end of the keyword. The middle of the funnel is where you need to keep the customer engaged through broadcasting and drip campaigning.

Live stream confirmation

At the end of each week, using your social media and video sharing platform accounts, update and or acknowledge the campaigns you sent out during the week. Explain to customers what the campaigns were about, such as details on what products you’re discounting and why. You may also wish to give a heads-up to your viewers about future campaigns and what they can expect to keep them enticed and onboard.

With more time on their hands, customers are more open to SMS and email marketing campaigns. Use this time to your advantage by expressing why your products matter and sharing relevant opportunities that could help custom

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