5 Tips for Starting Your Own Website

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StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, 5 Tips for Starting Your Own WebsiteStarting your own website can be a daunting thought, but there is really nothing that should be holding you back. Creating a professional-looking website is easier than ever, and you do not need crazy computing skills to pull it off.

When you do start your own website, these five tips can help you to make sure it gets the best possible start.

Have a Plan

Creating your website is much easier when you have a plan for what you want it to look like.

Your site must be organized in a way that is easy to navigate for your visitors, and this is much more difficult to create without a clear idea of what you want your website to look like.

Before you start building your site, make sure you have a clear idea of how you want it to be structured. With the help of marketing consulting services, you can really narrow down your plan and focus on what’s going to make your website successful.


One thing you have got to pay close attention to is the speed of your website. If you load your site up with loads of plugins and big multimedia files, then it is really going to slow down your site, and this makes people bounce away from your pages.

For every second that it takes your page to load, you increase the likelihood that your visitor will bounce away from it without engaging with the content, and this will negatively affect your SEO.

Keep things simple, and make sure your pages load quickly.

Mobile Usability

For several years now, more mobile searches have been performed each day than on desktop. Not only does this mean your users need a site that works well on mobile, but it is one of the key things that Google, and the other search engines will look for.

Even today, though, with mobile traffic forming such a large part of internet usage, many websites are not fully optimized for mobile.

Make sure that your content is entirely mobile-friendly.

User Experience

We know how it feels when we visit a website that offers a poor user experience – it’s incredibly frustrating.

When you work so hard to bring people to your website, you cannot afford to be driving people away by having glaring user experience errors on your pages. The internet gives people lots of options, and if there is something people do not like about your page, they can easily get their information somewhere else.

You want to be getting as much engagement from your visitors as possible by offering a clean, easy to use experience.

Avoid the most common UX errors and make sure you’re not unwittingly driving your visitors away.

Offer Value

You have got to put your visitors at the heart of what you do.

Ask yourself, “how can I offer people value?”

If you can offer people lots of value with your website, then you are going to find that people respond to it and engage with your brand.

When Google and the other search engines see lots of people are enjoying your content, then they are going to want to get in on the party and start ranking you at the top of the ranking’s pages.

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