Preparing for the Next Mission: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Military Storage Unit

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article | Preparing for the Next Mission: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Military Storage UnitLife as a member of the military can be challenging, but there are many ways to make things simpler and easier. Service members often find themselves being reassigned to different bases or even forced to move from one residence to another in the same area.

When such situations arise, renting a storage unit can make it easier to complete the transition smoothly. Having access to storage often does away with issues that would otherwise complicate life as a service member.

Because members of the military have distinctive needs, it will always be best to choose a storage service that will accommodate those needs well. Keep the following five things in mind when looking for a storage unit, and your career in the military should go a little more smoothly.

1. Some Companies Offer Discounts for Service Members

Business owners often respect the service that members of the military provide, and some of them show their appreciation in concrete ways. Discounts available at StorageWest and other storage companies can cut the cost of renting a unit by quite a bit.

That can make a large difference when a unit will be rented for many months or even years. Service members who get reassigned away from home for long periods will always be able to put the savings to good use.

2. Some Storage Companies Regularly Serve Members of the Military

Millions of Americans actively serve in the United States Armed Forces at any given time, with millions more making up the reserves. Some storage companies owe a majority of their business to service members, and they tend to be the best and easiest to work with.

Storage facilities located near military bases will almost always be staffed by people who understand what it is like to serve. That can end up being invaluable, as it will mean being able to rely on the advice of someone who is well-equipped to provide it.

When a storage company regularly rents units to members of the military, its offerings will often be tailored to suit the needs of that customer base, too. That can end up enabling a better fit for the kinds of situations service members most often find themselves needing to address.

3. Size is a Good Place to Start

Storage units come in many varieties, so it can feel a bit overwhelming to choose one. The best way to get started will normally be to figure out just how much space will be required.

Fortunately, there are some relatively straightforward ways to do so. Many storage companies maintain lists that allow the size of a home, apartment, or existing storage space to be used to select an appropriate unit.

4. Other Options Can Matter, as Well

While focusing on units of an appropriate size will make for a good start, other features and extras can be worth emphasizing, too. Service members who own valuable electronics, for instance, often find that storage facilities featuring strong security suit their needs the best. There are many ways of controlling access, some of which are likely to be more effective than others.

5. Flexibility Can be Invaluable

Although most members of the military can count on serving for well-defined stints, it can be useful to be able to adjust storage unit arrangements later on. A service member who initially planned to move back to a particular town, for example, might end up with different plans and a need to give up a rented unit.

Keep the five facts above in mind when looking for a storage unit as a service member and the process should go smoothly. It is so common for members of the military to use self-storage that advice from others is normally easy to come by, too.

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