5 Creative Marketing Ideas to use in 2020

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StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, 5 Creative Marketing Ideas to use in 2020

2020 is here, ready to change the world entirely. Many things this year have been transforming. The approaches that businesses are taking to sustain have also exclusively revolutionized. The silver lining comes from the fact that the room to be creative and explore has increased by a significant amount. You can give your consumers a real taste of augmented virtual reality and can shape the trends. The use of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence can be integrated into your marketing practices to bring out the abilities. From email personalization to e-commerce communication, you can smartly use various ideas to foster the marketing methods to new heights. That is going to both help and cultivate your business into what you want it to be.

The requisite of smart marketing tactics is the need of an hour. With that, the cat is out of the bag, and here are the five most creative marketing ideas you could use in 2020 to grow.

1. Innovative Chatbots

There is no fun in marketing if it is not as ingenious as it can be. Businesses that can provide a creative edge to any marketing idea will foster more clientele in every way. The era of websites has changed dramatically; consumers no longer want to search for what they want. With one click, they want the work made much more straightforward.

By introducing chatbots, you can achieve that within no time. These chats can direct the users to the exact page they are looking for, making your website seem efficient but very effective. There are no better marketing ideas than competence. That can help you gather insightful information about consumer trends and choices, crucial for making marketing strategies for your business in the future.

2. Create Crisp Content

Rich, well-structured content creates for decent user experience. Social media surely has the power to make or break your business. That is where the element of surprise comes into play. You can repurpose your content in the boosting way that cannot only increase traffic but also make people hooked. With options like Designrr, you can revamp your blogs, posts, podcasts, and anything that can elevate your marketing game to the next level in an inventive manner. It will grow your business is a much more significant manner and attract the right kind of people.

3. Tell Your Story

A great creative marketing idea that is directly off the charts is telling your story the people. That is not about composing fiction or false stories to attract customers; instead, it is about building a connection with them that is much more emotional. With storytelling, you can invoke sentiments in your consumers that they can associate with better. Right here is the most compelling form of communication. It can bring that element of stability in your brand and make it much more real and genuine for the people. If you can master the art of storytelling, your sales will surely skyrocket through the roof. That can give you a marketing edge on many other competitors and make you shine much brighter.

4. Use of Guerilla Marketing

It has to be one of the most creative yet underrated marketing ideas that have not been utilizing to their full potential. There is no secret that this is tricky, but once done effectively, it can change the marketing game for you overall. Once it catches people’s attention, this idea can spread like wildfire and do most of the work without any hassle. In 2020 where everything is so fast-paced, this is a great way. You could put something out there on social media, and through the two-step-flow process, it can utilize. That helps build opinion leaders and uses them with their authority over the clusters they associate themselves. Nothing can give your better coverage than this.

5. Engage Through Personalization

Anything that has a stamp of personalization over it can make it very far. Marketing experts all over the globe very much encourage this particular idea for any small or big business anywhere in the world. Dig sincere, my friends, and keep digging deep. Only adding the name of a customer might not do the trick. You must learn and analyze the trend and patterns that pike their interests. That can make them feel so much special than you could ever anticipate, and this can lead to developing a much deeper connection with your brand or services. It has to be one of the cleverest yet effectual ideas to be done. It helps understand behavioral segmentation better and can help implement more strategies in the long run.


Marketing ideas need to upgrade each time, like the phone software. You cannot expect one idea to work the same way longer periods. People crave excitement, and you must give it to them. That can make only widespread when you add creativity to every element of marketing. It builds anticipation, which makes people more enquiring.

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