Where to make your first steps into property investment

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article | Where to make your first steps into property investmentWhether it’s something you’re considering as a new career path or a way of making your savings grow further, property investment can be advantageous. With so many options, it can often be hard to decide where exactly to invest your money in first. Here’s a look at the different types of properties you could invest in, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

General Real Estate

Most homes on the market are already lived in, and therefore ready to be sold on again as soon as possible. If you choose a house that is already decorated to a good standard, there’s very little you could do to increase its value. The obvious way to make money is to rent the property. To put it simply, the monthly price you’re renting the property, minus the cost of the mortgage repayments and any other expenses, is a nice profit in your pocket every month. This process isn’t without risk, though, and you’ll need to secure proper insurance if you go down this road.

Unless you are going to rent your property, it can be hard to make a profit on a general real estate property. You’d have to hold on to the property for several years and wait for an increase in the property’s value to even make the smallest of profits. Sometimes you can secure a good deal on a property if they want a quick sale, but you’ll have to work just as quickly to secure any extra money to close the deal. Hard money lenders such as Sachem Lending can offer you additional cash flow within days. They make their decisions based on the value of the property, so they won’t have to spend a long time reviewing your personal income and outgoings in detail. This means you could have the money in a matter of days, putting you in the strongest position to secure a deal.

Fix and Flip

This kind of property can offer a much higher return in a small amount of time, but it also involves the most amount of effort. The critical thing to realize when purchasing a property that needs a lot of work is just how much work it needs doing to it. Paying for someone to inspect the property might seem like an unnecessary extra expense. Still, it can be the most important investment you’ll make if they spot something which needs significant work and reduces the potential value of the property. If you’re buying a property that just needs a lick of paint and maybe a new kitchen or bathroom, you could have it back on the market in weeks with a much bigger price tag.

New Constructions

While starting a build from scratch might seem like the best way to be sure of investing in valuable property, several things could go wrong. Whether it’s how much property tax will be, how popular the area will be, the quality of the work completed, or even the taste of the potential market, there are a lot of uncertainties with this kind of property. The good news is this kind of property is often the most readily available so you could negotiate a good deal.

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