How to Market Your Business in 2020

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Market your Business|How to Market Your Business in 2020Nowadays, businesses have access to an unprecedented range of marketing tools. By leveraging all of them, you’ll be able to access the maximum possible number of would-be customers. Some, however, may be better suited to your circumstances, and thus worth extra attention.

Let’s take stock of a few of the key marketing tools available.

Business Cards

For good reason, many new entrepreneurs place considerable focus on digital marketing. But it would be a mistake to neglect the enduring appeal of a physical business card. Hand out a business card to a potential lead, and you’re achieving several things:

  • You’re avoiding what might be an awkward and time-consuming conversation.
  • You’re giving them all of your contact details in an instant.
  • You’re establishing that you are a serious professional who is worthy of their attention.

instantprint, the online printing company, recently studied the science behind the business card, finding that white, yellow, and green were the most successful colours with 45.4% of Brits favouring a traditional design that represents the business. 30.8% also prefer a no-frills design with only the necessary information on display. This information is worth bearing in mind when designing your own business card.


For some businesses, flyers remain especially effective. This includes businesses whose reach is very short. A local takeaway should be focusing its marketing efforts on the surrounding area, and door-to-door menu posting remains by some distance the most effective ways to do this.

Social media

A presence on social media will allow you to communicate with your clientele, drive their engagement with your brand, and thus gain access to valuable insights that can inform your future decisions.

Even if you don’t create any content yourself, your presence alone will yield benefits. With that said, taking the time to create content can pay dividends in drawing traffic to your business. If you have a special area of expertise, then why not publish some instructional blogs on the subject? Do your keyword research, establish what your customers are looking for, and then give it to them. You’ll be rewarded with traffic.


Influencers have become significant players in the global digital economy. Their behaviour influences (of course) the behaviour of those who follow them. If you can get your products and services to feature in their content, then you’ll create an avenue through which a new audience can discover you and what you’re about. You’ll want to do your research before engaging with potential influencers. Vet their social media to see whether their approach makes a good match with your brand, and whether their audience coincides with your own. If you’re looking to market to younger people, then online influencers remain among the most effective ways of reaching them. Court them and keep them onside.

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