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StrategyDriven Tactical Execution Article |Warehouse|Warehouse Working TipsWorking in a warehouse or owning a warehouse as part of a business as is a unique way of working. Instead of sitting behind a desk in an office all day you’ll be categorising, organising and sending out products from your location and coordinating deliveries to the business.

A warehouse is an important component of any business and this year we are going to see exactly how it can benefit you this year with these easy tips.

Review and mend

The first tip for effective working in a warehouse is to review the effectiveness of current processes and work out how to change them. Now and again you will need to think about the best way to review your processes and this could be something which changes the dynamic and productivity of the space.

Warehouse layout

The layout of a warehouse needs to make sense. There’s no point in having the least sold products right at the front of the warehouse where they are easier to access and the highest sellers in an awkward place. It is always important to have a receiving area and office next to the doors where trucks will load and unload items. And also make sure that your packing area is close to the doors for easy distribution.

Forecast ahead

The warehouse of an office needs to always keep an eye on the future when to comes to products. For example now that winter is slowly on its way you may receive shipments of Christmas gear and you will want to leave this in an easy access location as these will be used very soon. Always think about what will be trending and which products will move fast and arrange your shelves accordingly.

Keep on top of stock

The most basic thing you need to be able to do as a business owner is keep in the loop with your stock and know when you should be getting more of a product ordered. You should have a spreadsheet which marks down the inventory every time an item is ordered and this will ensure that you always know where you stand and that you can always make the most of your deliveries to the office.

Train your staff

Working in a warehouse is a lot different to working in an office and it is incredibly
Important that you train your staff and keep them safe. For example when products need to be moved around the warehouse you will need to train your employees with a forklift operating licence to ensure that they can move items safely. You need to also train those who don’t have a licence to be careful when a forklift truck is on the move and to always wear a hi-vis jacket and stay in sight of the machine. Accidents can happen in a warehouse so make sure that your employees are aware and know how to stay safe.

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