7 Security Tips From Experts That Anyone Can Use

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article | 7 Security Tips From Experts That Anyone Can UseIt is not uncommon for celebrities and high-profile business people to travel with their own personal security details. The rest of us picture buff men clad in crisp black suits and headsets whenever we think of such security detail.

However, the day-to-day for the professionals in this line of work is far from that of the “Men In Black.” According to body guard school PWA it is the opposite of what many people believe these professionals do. Much of the work is in the preparation.

Many of the tactics that bodyguards use are adoptable by different travelers and we’ve taken a look at how they can be utilised below.

1. Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Staying safe is often tied to being aware of your surroundings. Situational awareness is essential, more so when in unfamiliar places. Avoid walking while glued to a map or your phone.

The pros say that the more you clank and clunk, stumbling as you walk, you appear like prey, thus inviting predators to have enough time to come up with a quick plan.

2. Avoid Making Yourself An Easy Target

Dawning a T-shirt and baseball cap shouts that you are a tourist. Moreover, you will make yourself a target when walking around carrying a purse or your wallet in the back pocket. Instead, do your best to blend in; secure your valuables by opting to carry a cross-body bag and putting your wallet in a buttoned-up or zipped breast pocket. Also, consider neutral clothing that does not advertise your nationality.

According to PWA most criminals look at the path with the least resistance.

3. Plan Ahead

It would be best if you planned in advance; that is how you will be more aware of potential threats specific to your destination. Set your transportation early, for it also can help you avoid potentially predatory situations from the moment you arrive.

4. Ask Locals About Their Preferences

Hopping on the local bus might be the preferable and safe way of getting around in one city but not recommended in another. Every place has its risks; The experts say they works closely with different local partners to get suitable recommendations on the safe places to go and the best ways to get there

5. Share Less On Social Media

An Instagram post every other time during your vacation might be hard to say no to, but it is an effective way of advertising that you are away from home. For instance, Hillary Duff posted photos on vacation in Canada, and what followed was a break-in at her home. It only goes to show that snapshots shared on social media pose a significant risk to all travelers.

6. Secure Your Technology

Protect any technology devices in a locked safe. Avoid using public hotspots that can be easily hacked. Porter says that you should always have physical control of your computer, smartphone, and other equipment.

7. Carry A Burner Wallet

Muggings can happen even to the most cautious of travelers. According to PWA consider walking around with a “burner wallet” with an old ID and a few dollars if you are unfortunate enough to be assault during your travels.

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