Employee Turnover- When Good Employees Won’t Stay

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Employee Turnover|Employee Turnover- When Good Employees Won't StayIf it’s become a trend where you get good employees, train and give them responsibilities, but after a short while they jump ship, you need to evaluate. The trend can be demotivating, disturbing, and affect productivity. The remaining employees have to contend with increased workloads and reduced morale. Before you lose all your good employees, check what’s wrong. Why are your employees not happy to work at your company? What causes high employee turnover?

Lack of Motivation

When an employee’s efforts are not appreciated or acknowledged, this kills morale. A company should have a reward system that recognizes every employee’s input and rewards exemplary behavior or action. Good feedback is also essential. It helps employees improve and make progress in difficult situations. It’s also crucial to have a workable employee benefits management such as from Cowell, James, Forge Insurance Group.

Lack of Engagement

When employees are not engaged, they do the bare minimum and jump into any other opportunity that presents itself. To gauge how engaged your workforce is, check how enthusiastic they are when performing tasks. Do they seem happy, spend time connecting with colleagues, and participate in team-building activities? When employees show to work late, skip work or company activities, it indicates a disconnection. It’s critical to address the issue before it spreads to the entire workforce.

Poor Management

A manager with poor leadership or people skills can lead to high employee turnover. Employees need to be handled with respect and understanding. If the manager doesn’t take time to know his team well, he may mishandle or disrespect some. For instance, when you have a culturally diversified workforce, you shouldn’t assume or support one religion or culture. It’s important to respect each person’s culture, beliefs, and religion and show support.

The executive should ensure all employees are handled with respect, their views and concerns addressed and supported.

No Room for Growth

Stagnation is a killer of morale. Many employees want to work in organizations where they can grow and improve their skills. Keeping an employee in one position for too long demotivates and kills their dreams. If a promising opportunity presents itself, they will not hesitate to move. Also, it’s essential to create challenges that break the monotony and build excitement. For instance, the launch of a new product is not only an exciting experience but puts everyone on their toes to ensure everything goes right.

There is No Work-Life Balance

Sometimes employees are torn between a demanding job that they love and their families. When employees have to choose between the two, in most cases, the company loses. Employees need enough time with their families without the pressure to outperform or spend more time at work. An employer should show they value families by creating a family-friendly environment such as supporting nursing mothers or parents with small children. It’s also crucial to respect off days or leave requests.

A good salary is not the only consideration when an employee decides to work or stay in a company. Peace of mind, satisfaction, and projected growth are also important considerations.

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