The Skills that Every Entrepreneur Must Have

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Entrepreneur Skills|The Skills that Every Entrepreneur Must HaveWhether you’re a homemaker turning a hobby into a business or a dedicated innovator looking to create the next big thing, there are certain basic skills that you can improve and build upon to enhance your chances of success. The simple fact is that most entrepreneurs have a great idea, yet have no idea how they can make this into a business. The following basic skills can be developed to enhance entrepreneurial businesses’ creative and innovative aspects.

Business management

You need to have a very good understanding of all the business functions if you are going to run your own business. The Bachelor’s in Business Management at Point Park is a great example of a professional means to create a great business knowledge foundation. Without a clear knowledge, understanding, and practical know-how of business processes and functions, it will be nigh on impossible to start your own business.


One of the top skills required by all those starting a business is leadership and teamwork. Being able to inspire others and create a solid working team has got to be one of the top skills to have and to practice ensuring that you have the team and drive to power the business.

Analytics and problem solving

In an age where data is taken so seriously, it is critical to have the understanding and knowledge to be able to gather and interpret data for the benefit of the business. Being able to think of solutions in an analytic fashion and solve problems are the must-have skills of any new business owner, and in the modern age, this cannot be done with big data.


There is a wide range of technology skills that every entrepreneur will need; those that are mentioned herein are the most basic that will be essential to have in place to then build upon. Cloud computing, mobile and remote access to work, smart and integrated hardware are essential for any new business. And last but not least, a clear understanding and appreciation of cyber security must be seen as part of these essential tech skills.

Communication and customer service

Communicating the brand story and benefits of the business to both customers and possible funders and investors is key to getting the business off the ground and keeping it there.

Time management

Linked to analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, a successful entrepreneur must be able to manage their time professionally. Keeping a detailed diary and using all the software at your disposal, such as Gantt charts and Workflow spreadsheets, will keep you on the ball and avoid you missing any critical meetings.

These are the skills that no entrepreneur can do without. Most can be learned and accessed in some form online, and the process of garnering the skills and starting the business can actually happen in tandem. However, it would be business suicide to expect to start and run a business without the skills noted herein, as these will be the foundational aspects that will keep your business running.

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