How to Add Character to Your Local Store

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Branding|How to Add Character to Your Local StoreIf you’re a local store owner, you might feel like business terms like ‘rebranding’ and ‘brand curation’ are reserved for larger and more successful businesses. But this is not the case; in fact, small businesses can see some of the sharpest up-spikes in business after putting in the effort to spruce up their brand. This article provides some useful tips for small store owners whore interested in modernizing their brand’s appearance, drawing in more curious customers as a result.

Brand Redesign

Your brand consists mainly of your business’ name, your logo, your color scheme and all the other material you’ve produced over the years to give your business a character of its own. While this might have been a successful and alluring brand at some time in the past, it’s rarely a bad idea to go over your branding again, perhaps with a professional consultancy, designer or a trusted individual in your network. All of whom can pitch ideas as to how you can get your brand looking smart, professional and exciting in the eyes of the consumer.

Bold Lettering

As a store owner, you’ll know as well as anyone that books are judged by their covers and stores are judged by the shop windows. As such, this is a hugely important area in which you need to impress potential customers from the outset. One of the primary methods of sprucing up the exterior of your store is to commission and buy new lettering to advertise your store’s name. Find a provider of Channel Letter Signs to partner with to get your glowing and exciting new lettering front and center outside the front of your store to tempt new customers in to browse.

Staff Behavior

While character is somewhat maintained by a brand and the shop window that you advertise your brand’s ethos with, it’s also something that often boils down to the staff that you work with inside the store. Sullen and moody staff will give your whole brand a sullen and moody aura, whereas engaged, energetic and positive people will naturally help customers feel more welcome while feeling that your brand has something characterful and interesting about it. Make sure that your staff are on board with this responsibility so that your store is at all times exhibiting the right kind of atmosphere to prospecting customers.

Promotions and Rewards

Finally, many businesses use promotions, rewards, competitions and loyalty systems to generate repeat custom or inspire first-time customers to part with their cash. One of the most characterful and exciting ways to encourage this is through a one-day promotional bid, which you can advertise digitally beforehand. Many stores do this on their ‘birthday’ by offering free giveaways to the first 100 customers, or other such rewards that generate exuberant energy around your brand. Think hard about what your store can offer in this domain to garner publicity and excitement around your brand.

By using the tips in the article, you’ll be able to spruce up your brand by making changes to your store, helping you drive up custom to see a spike in profits this summer.

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