4 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Commercial Premises

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Renovating your Commercial Premises|4 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Commercial PremisesWhen you think about renovating commercial premises, a series of questions rush to your mind. Where should you begin? What should be the target budget for renovations? How many contractors do we need for this project? And above all, where can we find trusted renovation specialists in our area? These are some key considerations when it comes to renovating commercial premises. Here is an insight into 4 things you should keep in mind before moving ahead with your renovation plans.

Do you need a project manager?

Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve from your commercial space can help you decide whether you need a project manager. A project manager can help you in the effective management of the project. This can help determine the type of finishes, resources, and budget you are looking to spend. The project manager can also help find the best contractor in your area who can give you a design that blends well with your commercial space.

Do you require permits or permissions to make changes?

If you’re looking to build new commercial premises or make changes in the existing commercial space, it is essential to know if you need a permit. If you want to alter or add new things to the existing commercial space, such as plumbing, electrical, and structural changes, getting a permit for the same is important. This is essential as it will ensure safety and give you the added advantage of getting the project done faster. A permit also ensures the construction or renovation project is done according to the building codes. You would not require a permit if you want to make changes, such as adding new doors or modifying the windows or doors. However, if you make structural changes, such as adding a new floor, changing the roof, or adding columns, you will be required to get a permit.

Is there asbestos in the building?

Asbestos was a dangerous material used in construction and renovation projects until 1990. It is mainly found in insulation materials such as pipes, ducts, ceiling tiles, sprayed-on insulation, joint compound, and floor tiles. If your commercial building were built before 1990, it would likely be made with asbestos-containing materials. If your commercial building has asbestos, it is essential to hire a certified asbestos removal contractor. However, before starting the renovation process, you must take proper precautions to prevent the asbestos from spreading. You must also ensure that the employees and contractors working in the building are aware of the safe work practices with asbestos.

Can you continue to operate during the work?

Renovations are a continuous process, and it may only be possible for you to shut down the commercial premises for part of the project duration. If you’re planning to do renovations of a commercial space that is currently in operation, you need to ensure that the project is done in such a way that it does not impact the day-to-day business operations. When planning renovations, you must decide at what stage you want the work to stop. It may not be possible for every business to shut down for the entire duration of the renovation project. Therefore, deciding at what stage you want the work to stop or move to another part of the building is essential. You can hire an architect or designer to suggest the best plans considering your commercial requirements.


Suppose you’re planning to do renovations of a commercial space that is currently in operation. In that case, you need to ensure you have the proper permits in place, have done all the appropriate research, and have taken precautions to ensure the work runs smoothly without impacting your day-to-day operations.

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