How To Find Employees for Your Franchise in The Wake of Covid-19

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Covid-19|How To Find Employees for Your Franchise in The Wake of Covid-19Beginning in early 2020, Covid-19 began having a massive effect on everything. Above all else, the demand for Covid-19 staffing went through the roof. Everyone was shaken up and no one knew what to do. How to find employees for your franchise in the wake of Covid-19 was the call.

With the advent of the coronavirus in the US, most everything changed for the worse and the demand for employees rose. People became scared and the shortage of qualified workers became overwhelming. The economy began to change and jobs, as well as entire businesses, were lost. Some people were even too afraid to come out of their houses.

As communities rallied together and families met to discuss the situation, things began to fall into place as they always do with American families. But this was something different, something not seen before in this generation. We all knew we had to do something but what?

As the pieces fell together:

Healthcare employment agencies were the hardest hit because they place more people in jobs than any other bureau. Staffing agencies do their work based on the industries they are working with. Everyone was looking at Covid-19 staffing. One area that struggled most was the healthcare industry and especially in hospitals. Many hospitals laid workers off adding to the exploding unemployment numbers.

How to attract employees in the middle of a pandemic:

  • Beef Up Your Job Descriptions: with increased applicants, key on quality over quantity. Creating a robust and highly descriptive job summary is the key
  • Skills Appraisals are more important than ever: to reduce unfairness when screening applicants and to find the best-qualified individuals, set up a system of skills testing
  • Find talent by utilizing a work scout or recruiter: with the Covid-19 situation, find qualified applicants and inform them about your company and then provide adequate job descriptions and information and do it by creating an additional post.
  • Key on help to obtain qualified applicants: sites like Monster and Indeed can connect you to large audiences
  • Offer Coronavirus temporary staffing: when you find a qualified applicant, a temporary position often works into a permanent one

Show a caring and loving attitude: we all know that love and gentle caring can often do more than words

Refit and Restructure:

The most effective way of attracting employees in the wake of Coronavirus is to offer remote work. You will need to change things and make some adjustments but it can easily be done. Offer bonuses or increase salaries, and perhaps even provide a computer or let them use the one they were on in the office.

Employers must now think outside the box

  • What is the workload
  • How many employees do we need
  • Where will we find them.

The answer to all of those questions and more can be found in technology. It was there the entire time. As it turns out, many of these remote jobs were better than the daily commute to the office and more productive for all involved.
Sometimes life provides the questions and the answers.

Show your prospects the benefits of working from home:

Even before the global pandemic, lots of folks were choosing to work from home. With the advent of new technologies such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Slack, and Google Hangouts, this was easy. It was no longer just an option but the chosen way for employers to obtain staff and for employees to stay home but still produce a living for their families and their loved ones.

Help all your staff in the setup process:

You value your staff and you must let them know it. Make the time to interview all potential work-from-home candidates and learn what they have at home and what they need. Offer to get them set up in any way possible. I wouldn’t think that offering them a stationary bicycle would be out of the question. Staff working from home could much more easily find the time to work out when their office and their home is the same place.

How offering remote jobs helps your franchise:

Companies that offer remote work programs can vastly improve employee productivity, reduce turnover, and actually lower costs. Telecommuting workers with highly complex jobs who do not need a lot of personal teamwork often perform better than their office-based correspondents.

Also, look on the bright side. If another natural or manmade disaster ever comes along, a distributed workforce is in a better position to keep operations running, even if some of the group goes offline. So as it turns out, there just may be good in everything because working from home is actually a very good plan