Recommended Resource – The Pivot Point

The Pivot Point: Success in Organizational Change

by Victoria M. Grady
and James D. Grady

About the Book

The Pivot Point by Drs. Victoria and James Grady is a business novel presenting a unique perspective on effectively implementing organizational change based on group and individual psychodynamics. Within their book, Victoria and James examine decades of research into the ways individuals cope with loss and then relate these principles to the business environment. They conclude by providing methods for identifying and dealing with group and individual loss factors and reactions such that the desired organizational change can be implemented with a minimal loss of organizational effectiveness and productivity.

Benefits of Using This Book

StrategyDriven Contributors like The Pivot Point for its unique perspective on the group and individual psychology associated with organizational change. Victoria and James’s point of view is deeply rooted in decades of sound academic research and refined by real world experiences. Not only did we find their assertions compelling, they matched our decades of group and individual observations and experiences.

The Pivot Point also provides methods for better dealing with these psychological challenges of change. The book prescribes implementable methods to address both the group and individual resistance factor in a constructive manner that is respectful of organizational personnel while at the same time progressive of the needed change. In some instances, however, change tools such as change readiness surveys appeared to lack the detail necessary to be immediately implementable and instead would require the services of Drs. Grady’s organization to complete. We would have preferred to have had the book be more complete in these areas.

The Pivot Point provides a refreshingly new perspective on making effective organizational change that is well aligned with the philosophies espoused by StrategyDriven. For this reason, The Pivot Point is a StrategyDriven recommended read.

StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 63 – An Interview with Victoria Grady, author of The Pivot Point

StrategyDriven Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques executives and managers can use to improve their organization’s alignment and accountability to ultimately achieve superior results. These podcasts elaborate on the best practice and warning flag articles on the StrategyDriven website.

Special Edition 63 – An Interview with Victoria Grady, author of The Pivot Point explores the psychology behind employees resistance to change and the actions leaders can take to more effectively move their organization to a state of high, post-change productivity. During our discussion, Victoria Grady, author of The Pivot Point: Success in Organizational Change, shares with us her insights and experiences regarding:

  • the underlying psychology driving employees resistance to change
  • observable differences in employee behaviors as driven by changing circumstances and the resulting organizational impacts
  • quantitative measurement of employees response to change and how this information can inform management’s change management efforts
  • actions leaders should take to better prepare their organization to overcome the resistance to change

Additional Information

In addition to the outstanding insights Victoria shares in The Pivot Point and this special edition podcast are the resources accessible from her website, Victoria’s book, The Pivot Point, can be purchased by clicking here.

Victoria was recently featured by We Mean Business in an interviewed entitled Understanding Resistance. Click here to access this video.

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About the Author

Victoria Grady, author of The Pivot Point, is an Assistant Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Organizational Science within the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences at The George Washington University. Her consulting practice includes federal government institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private sector companies. To read Victoria’s complete biography, click here.

Leadership Inspirations – Moving Forward

“The only way organizations move forward is through change; begotten from fresh perspectives and new ideas.”

Nathan Ives
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