Thank God For a Good Recession: 7 No Fail Strategies to Pull Ahead During Tough Times

Fortunes are made during recessions – it’s the perfect time to pull ahead of competitors. Challenging times require that we raise the bar on expectations and that we celebrate the accomplishment of those expectations. Here are seven you need to implement NOW.

1) Be a Giver…NOT a Taker

Your relationship with current customers, prospective customers, and centers of influence should be based on giving. They should hear from you every 90 days – lest they forget you and acquaint themselves with your competition. Send informational mailings like a “Top 10 Tips for Preparing for the School Season” sheet. Including coupons from one of your retail customers are great ways to add value to the correspondence. A “taker” approach – sending “buy me,” four-color, glossy brochures – will create almost no response. Givers always get better results than takers.

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