Thriving in the New Economy

Have you ever wanted to get into the minds of some of the most inspirational dealmakers in the business world? After working at CNBC for almost a decade, I have been lucky enough to talk to some of them on a regular basis. Realizing not everyone has that kind of access, I decided to open up my “trillion dollar” rolodex (it’s called that in my industry since I have a trillion dollar money manager, a dozen billionaires and countless millionaires in it) and ask them to open up and reveal some of their winning strategies on how they view a crisis (particularly the fire sale of Bear Stearns, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the credit crisis) but more importantly *how* and *why* they executed certain strategies. It’s those two elements that make successful leaders.

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About the Author

Lori Ann LaRocco is the author of, Thriving in the New Economy: Lessons from Today’s Top Business Minds and is the Senior Talent Producer at CNBC and one of the producers of the CNBC show Squawk Box.

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